513 IAC 1-2-11 - Seclusion and restraint plan

Authority: IC 20-20-40-13; IC 20-20-40-16

Affected: IC 20-20-40

Sec. 11.

(a) No later than July 1, 2014, each Indiana school corporation, charter school, and accredited nonpublic school must adopt a seclusion and restraint plan. At a minimum, each seclusion and restraint plan shall include the following:
(1) A statement on how:
(A) students will be treated with dignity and respect; and
(B) appropriate student behavior will be promoted and taught.
(2) A statement ensuring that the school will use prevention, positive behavior intervention and support, and conflict deescalation to eliminate or minimize the need for use of any of the following:
(A) Seclusion.
(B) Chemical restraint.
(C) Mechanical restraint.
(D) Physical restraint.
(3) A statement ensuring that any behavioral intervention used will be consistent with the student's most current behavioral intervention plan, or IEP, if applicable.
(4) Definitions for restraint and seclusion, as defined in this article.
(5) A statement ensuring that if a procedure listed in subdivision (2) is used, the procedure will be used:
(A) as a last resort safety procedure, employed only after another, less restrictive procedure has been implemented without success; and
(B) in a situation in which there is an imminent risk of injury to the student, other students, school employees, or visitors to the school.
(6) An indication that restraint or seclusion may be used only for a short time period or until the imminent risk of injury has passed.
(7) A documentation and recording requirement governing incidents in which procedures listed in subdivision (2) are used, including:
(A) how every incident will be documented and debriefed;
(B) how responsibilities will be assigned to designated employees for evaluation and oversight; and
(C) designation of a school employee to be the keeper of such documents.
(8) A requirement that the student's parent must be notified as soon as possible when an incident involving the student occurs that includes use of procedures listed in subdivision (2).
(9) A requirement that a copy of an incident report must be sent to the student's parent after the student is subject to a procedure listed in subdivision (2).
(10) Required recurrent training for appropriate school employees on the appropriate use of effective alternatives to physical restraint and seclusion, including the use of positive behavioral intervention and support and conflict deescalation. The training must include the safe use of physical restraint and seclusion in incidents involving imminent danger or serious harm to the student, school employees, or others. Consideration must be given to available school resources and the time commitments of school employees.
(b) The department shall accept reports from the public regarding school restraint and seclusion plans, which reports shall be limited to:
(1) lack of compliance between a school's seclusion and restraint plan and the requirements of IC 20-20-40 and the requirements of subsection (a);
(2) the availability of a school's plan as described in section 8 of this rule; and
(3) the reporting of incidents of seclusion or restraint, including the reporting of the use of seclusion or restraint by a school's resource officer.
(c) The department shall provide the commission with a summary of the reports received.
(d) The summary report must comply with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ( 20 U.S.C. 1232g and 34 CFR Part 99).
(e) The commission, after reviewing the summary from the department, may instruct the department to require a school to provide a written explanation regarding a report.
(f) Upon request, each school shall provide the department with a written explanation and response to any questions posed by the department. The school shall provide the explanation in a manner prescribed by the department.
(g) After review of the explanation by the school and any supporting documentation, the department shall provide a summary of the department's findings.
(h) Based on the department's findings, the commission may make nonbinding recommendations to the department or to the school related to professional development for the school related to the use of seclusion or restraint, this article, or IC 20-20-40.


513 IAC 1-2-11
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