68 IAC 1-5-1 - Obligation to report certain events

Authority: IC 4-33-4; IC 4-35-4

Affected: IC 4-33; IC 4-35

Sec. 1.

A casino or supplier licensee shall provide a written notice to the executive director as soon as the casino or supplier licensee becomes aware of the following:

(1) A violation or apparent violation of a rule of the commission by any of the following:
(A) The casino or supplier licensee.
(B) A substantial owner, key person, or employee of the casino or supplier licensee.
(C) A person acting, or authorized to act, on behalf of or in furtherance of the interests of the casino or supplier licensee or an affiliate of the licensee.
(2) A change in status of an owner's license, supplier's license, or the equivalent issued to the casino or supplier licensee, or an affiliate by any other governmental entity.
(3) Civil litigation filed against the:
(A) casino or supplier licensee's Indiana operations; or
(B) casino or supplier licensee that could significantly impact the casino or supplier licensee's Indiana operations.
(4) A criminal, civil, or administrative action, threatened action, or investigation initiated by any governmental entity against the casino or supplier licensee.
(5) Claims made by a governmental entity concerning the tax liability of a casino or supplier licensee or a key person or substantial owner of the casino or supplier licensee.
(6) A civil, criminal, administrative, or tax action initiated:
(A) by or against an employee of the casino licensee if the action relates to the gaming activity conducted by the casino licensee; or
(B) against a key person, substantial owner, or an affiliate of a casino or supplier licensee, if the action relates to a gaming operation under the jurisdiction of a governmental entity.
(7) A bankruptcy, receivership, or debt adjustment initiated by or against the casino or supplier licensee or an affiliate thereof or the licensee's substantial owners.
(8) A compliance review conducted by the Internal Revenue Service under the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970. The casino or supplier licensee must provide a copy of the compliance review report or the equivalent within ten (10) days of the receipt of the report by the licensee.
(9) An action, event, or nonevent, with respect to which the executive director has instructed the licensee to provide notice so that the executive director can ensure that the licensee continues to maintain suitability for licensure.
(10) Apparent criminal activity taking place at the casino. A casino licensee shall submit the notice required under this subdivision to a gaming agent in addition to submitting it to the executive director.


68 IAC 1-5-1
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