68 IAC 26-1-3 - Definitions

Authority: IC 4-33-24-13

Affected: IC 4-33-2; IC 4-33-24; IC 4-35-2

Sec. 3.

The definitions in IC 4-33-2, IC 4-33-24, IC 4-35-2, 68 IAC 1, and the following definitions apply throughout this article:

(1) "Accumulated statistical result" means the total points awarded to individuals, including athletes, based upon the scoring guidelines to be provided by the game operator.
(2) "Age and identity verification" means a method, system, or device used by a game operator to verify the validity of a game participant's age and the game participant's identity.
(3) "Cash equivalent" as used in IC 4-33-24-5(2) and IC 4-33-24-9(5) means any noncash asset or thing of value that may be used by a game participant as an entry fee into a paid fantasy sports game.
(4) "Dormant account" means a paid fantasy sports game participant account that has had no game participant activity for a period of three (3) years.
(5) "Entry fee" means cash or cash equivalents that are required to be paid by a game participant to a game operator in order to participate in a paid fantasy sports game.
(6) "Funds of game participants" means the cash or cash equivalents that are owned by the game participants, are maintained in individual game participant accounts, and are not commingled with the game operator's operational funds.
(7) "Game operator employee" means any individual employed by a game operator and includes all officers, directors, trustees, and principal salaried executive staff officers. It shall also include contractors of game operators that have access to confidential information, as defined by IC 4-33-24-3.
(8) "Geolocation" means the identification of the real-world geographic location of a paid fantasy sports game participant.
(9) "Paid fantasy sports game platform" means a website, smart phone or tablet application, or other portal providing access to a paid fantasy sports game.
(10) "Proxy server" means a computer server that allows a game participant to disguise his or her computer's geolocation when accessing a game operator's paid fantasy sports game platform.
(11) "Relative" means:
(A) spouse (other than a spouse who is legally separated from the individual under a decree of divorce or separate maintenance);
(B) parent;
(C) grandparent;
(D) child;
(E) grandchild;
(F) sibling;
(G) uncle;
(H) aunt;
(I) nephew;
(J) niece;
(K) first cousin;
(L) father-in-law;
(M) mother-in-law;
(N) son-in-law;
(O) daughter-in-law;
(P) brother-in-law; or
(Q) sister-in-law;

whether by whole or half blood, marriage, adoption, or natural relationship.

(12) "Script" means a list of commands that a paid fantasy sports game related computer program can execute to automate processes on a paid fantasy sports game platform.
(13) "Segregated account" means a financial account that segregates the funds of game participants, such that the game operator's operational funds may not be commingled.
(14) "Verification" means a method used by a paid fantasy sports game system or device to verify the validity of software of critical components.


68 IAC 26-1-3
Indiana Gaming Commission; 68 IAC 26-1-3; filed 1/22/2018, 3:49 p.m.: 20180221-IR-068170224FRA

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