710 IAC 4-4-1 - Prospectus

Authority: IC 23-19-6-5

Affected: IC 23-19

Sec. 1.

(a) The prospectus shall be prepared in clearly legible copies. If printed, it shall be set in Times New Roman type of at least 10-point, modern type (except that financial statements and other statistical or tabular matter may be set in Times New Roman type as small as 8-point). A prospectus in the final form approved by the commissioner shall be deemed to have met all requirements of this subsection.
(b) As a general rule photographs are not permissible in prospectuses unless necessary to a fair understanding of the subject. The same is true of conceptions or renderings of:
(1) artists;
(2) architects; or
(3) engineers;

that may be misleading in that there is no assurance of completion of the structure or because of lack of accuracy of the conception or rendering. However, accurate maps or surveys are permissible where appropriate. Established corporate symbols or trademarks may be used, provided they do not create misleading impressions.

(c) The information set forth in a prospectus should be presented in a clear and understandable fashion. All information contained in a prospectus shall be set forth under appropriate captions or headings reasonably indicative of the principal subject matter set forth. Except as to financial statements and other tabular data, all information set forth in a prospectus shall be divided into reasonably short paragraphs or sections. The information required in a prospectus need not follow the order of the items or topics set forth in these rules. The information shall not, however, be set forth in a manner that obscures any of the required information or any information necessary to keep the required information from being incomplete or misleading.
(d) The prospectus shall include all material information not expressly required that is necessary under the circumstances to make the statements not misleading and shall include all information material to an evaluation of the offered security.


710 IAC 4-4-1
Securities Division; 710 IAC 4-4-1; filed Jun 28, 2010, 2:36 p.m.: 20100728-IR-710100044FRA Readopted filed 5/12/2016, 1:47 p.m.: 20160608-IR-710160136RFA

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