836 IAC 3-3-2 - Certification; application

Authority: IC 16-31-2-7; IC 16-31-3-14; IC 16-31-3-14.5; IC 16-31-3-20

Affected: IC 16-31

Sec. 2.

(a) Application for certification as an advanced life support fixed-wing air ambulance service provider organization will be made on forms provided by the agency and include, but not be limited to, the following:
(1) A narrative summary of plans for providing fixed-wing air ambulance services, including the following:
(A) The staffing pattern of air-medical personnel and pilots.
(B) Base of operations.
(C) Aircraft types and identification numbers.
(D) A listing of all personnel and their qualifications by category who will regularly serve as pilots and air-medical personnel on the aircraft.
(E) A description of the weather minimums for both cross-country and local flights.
(F) A copy of the patient care transport record to be utilized on each transport.
(2) Plans and methodologies to ensure that the trained personnel are provided with continuing education relative to their level of training. Continuing education on air transportation problems and flight physiology shall be provided on an annual basis. Continuing education will be approved by the advanced life support fixed-wing air ambulance service provider organization air-medical director with the cooperation of the supervising hospital.
(3) A listing of all onboard life support and medical communications equipment available, including a list of drugs and medications to be carried on each aircraft.
(4) When appropriate, a copy of the contract between the advanced life support fixed-wing air ambulance service provider organization and the supervising hospital or hospitals.
(5) A copy of all treatment protocols and standing orders (if applicable) under which all nonphysician personnel will operate.
(6) Each fixed-wing ambulance service provider organization shall show proof of insurance coverage as required by 836 IAC 1-3-6.
(7) The insurance coverage specified in subdivision (6) shall be for each and every aircraft owned or operated, or both, by or for the fixed-wing air ambulance service provider organization.
(b) Upon approval, an advanced life support fixed-wing air ambulance service provider organization will be issued certification for the provision of advanced life support services as required in 836 IAC 2 and this article.
(c) The certificate issued under this article:
(1) expires on the date appearing in the expiration date section of the certificate; and
(2) shall be prominently displayed at the place of business.
(d) Application for certification renewal shall:
(1) be made not less than sixty (60) days prior to the expiration date of the current certificate;
(2) be made on such forms provided by the agency; and
(3) show evidence of compliance with this article as set forth for original certification.


836 IAC 3-3-2
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