836 IAC 3-3-6 - Equipment list

Authority: IC 16-31-2-7; IC 16-31-3-20

Affected: IC 16-31-3-20

Sec. 6.

(a) The advanced life support fixed-wing air ambulance service provider organization shall ensure that the following basic life support and advanced life support equipment is available on board each aircraft and is appropriate for the age and medical condition of the patient to be transported at the time of transport:
(1) Portable or fixed suction apparatus, capable of a minimum vacuum of three hundred (300) millimeters of mercury, equipped with wide-bore tubing and other rigid and soft pharyngeal suction tips.
(2) Oropharyngeal airways (adult, child, and infant sizes).
(3) Nasopharyngeal airways (small, 20-24 french; medium, 26-30 french; large, 30 french or greater).
(4) Bag mask ventilation units, hand operated, one (1) unit in each of the following sizes, each equipped with clear face masks and oxygen reservoirs with oxygen tubing:
(A) Adult.
(B) Child.
(C) Infant (mask only).
(D) Neonatal (mask only).
(5) Portable oxygen equipment of at least three hundred (300) liters capacity (D size cylinder) with yoke, medical regulator, pressure gauge, and nondependent flowmeter.
(6) Oxygen delivery device shall include the following:
(A) High concentration devices, two (2) each, in adult, child, and infant sizes.
(B) Low concentration devices, two (2) in adult size.
(7) Blood pressure manometer, one (1) each in the following cuff sizes:
(A) Large adult.
(B) Adult.
(C) Child.
(8) Stethoscope in adult size.
(9) Wound care supplies to include the following:
(A) Sterile gauze pads four (4) inches by four (4) inches.
(B) Airtight dressing.
(C) Bandage shears.
(D) Adhesive tape, two (2) rolls.
(10) Rigid extrication collars, two (2) each capable of the following sizes:
(A) Pediatric.
(B) Small.
(C) Medium.
(D) Large.
(11) Portable defibrillator with self-contained cardiac monitor and ECG strip writer and equipped with defibrillation pads or paddles, appropriate for both adult and pediatric defibrillation, that will not interfere with the aircraft's electrical and radio system.
(12) Endotracheal intubation devices, including the following equipment:
(A) Laryngoscopes with spare batteries and bulbs.
(B) Laryngoscope blades (adult and pediatric, curved and straight).
(C) Disposable endotracheal tubes, a minimum of two (2) each, sterile packaged, in sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 millimeters inside diameter.
(13) Medications, intravenous fluids, administration sets, syringes, and needles will be specified by the air-medical director identifying types and quantities.
(b) Additional equipment and supplies approved by the supervising hospital shall be identified by the fixed-wing air ambulance service provider organization air-medical director and reported in writing to the agency for initial certification and recertification.
(c) All drugs shall be supplied by the supervising hospital, or by written arrangement with a supervising hospital, on an even exchange basis. Lost, stolen, or misused drugs shall only be replaced on order of the advanced life support fixed-wing air ambulance service provider organization medical director. All medications and advanced life support equipment are to be supplied by order of the medical director. Accountability for distribution, storage, ownership, and security of medications is subject to applicable requirements as determined by the medical director, pharmacist, and the United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration.


836 IAC 3-3-6
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