836 IAC 3-3-7 - Communications systems requirements

Authority: IC 16-31-2-7; IC 16-31-3-20

Affected: IC 16-31-3-20

Sec. 7.

(a) Each fixed-wing ambulance shall have all communications equipment required under 14 CFR 135 for the type of aircraft and service provided. In addition, the fixed-wing ambulance shall have radio communications equipment that allows it to communicate directly with Indiana hospitals utilizing either the Indiana Hospital Emergency Radio Network (IHERN) system, the ultrahigh frequency medical communications channels used for advanced life support, or air-to-ground radio telephone.
(b) Transmitters are to operate with an output power not to exceed ten (10) watts as applicable to FCC rules and regulations.
(c) The fixed-wing air ambulance service provider organization shall maintain a dispatch and tactical communications system with the capability to provide a voice communications linkage with the fixed-wing air ambulance service provider organization's base station. This channel will be used exclusively for dispatch and tactical communications and shall be apart from any involved in the IHERN.
(d) In addition to subsection (a), each multiengine fixed-wing air ambulance shall be equipped with a minimum of two (2) VHF aircraft band transceivers and two (2) independently functioning audio panels allowing each required pilot to communicate with ground resources separately.


836 IAC 3-3-7
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