848 IAC 7-1-3 - Recovery monitoring agreement requirements for participants

Authority: IC 25-23-1-7

Affected: IC 25-23-1-31

Sec. 3.

(a) A nurse participating in ISNAP must execute and abide by the terms of an RMA. The RMA shall identify the requirements and responsibilities of the parties to the agreement.
(b) The RMA shall include, but is not limited to, the following:
(1) The length of time the nurse shall participate in ISNAP.
(2) The treatment plan to be followed by the nurse.
(3) The consequences of failure to comply with the treatment plan or other terms of the RMA.
(4) The restrictions placed on the nurse's activities regarding the practice of nursing and the duration of such restrictions.
(5) The requirements for monitoring and supervision that must be met by the nurse.
(6) A statement that will allow the IPLA and the board to do the following:
(A) Review the nurse's file for compliance with the RMA.
(B) Audit the services provided by ISNAP.
(7) The releases for seeking information or records related to the nurse's impairment from the following:
(A) Family.
(B) Peers.
(C) Medical personnel.
(D) Employers.
(E) Treatment providers.
(8) A statement that costs accruing to the nurse, including, but not limited to, treatment and body fluid screens, shall:
(A) be the responsibility of the nurse; and
(B) not be the responsibility of ISNAP.
(9) The fee to be assessed to the nurse for participation in the program, including the following:
(A) The fee assessed for all participants, if any.
(B) An additional fee that may be assessed if the nurse is terminated or otherwise released from the program and then readmitted.
(C) An additional fee that may be assessed if the length of the nurse's RMA is extended.
(10) Any other information related to the rehabilitation and monitoring of the nurse.


848 IAC 7-1-3
Indiana State Board of Nursing; 848 IAC 7-1-3; filed Jan 23, 2006, 8:35 a.m.: 29 IR 1928; readopted filed Nov 9, 2012, 11:23 a.m.: 20121205-IR-848120387RFA Readopted filed 12/14/2018, 2:43 p.m.: 20190109-IR-848180373RFA Filed 3/6/2023, 9:05 a.m.: 20230405-IR-848220111FRA

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