RULE 199-10.15 - Reports to federal agencies

RULE 199-10.15. Reports to federal agencies

(1) Upon submission of any incident, annual, or other report to the U.S. Department of Transportation pursuant to 49 CFR Part 191 or Part 192, a pipeline company shall file a copy of the report with the board. The board shall also be advised of any telephonic incident report made by the pipeline company.

(2) In addition to incident reports required by 49 CFR Part 191, the board shall be notified of any incident or accident where the economic damage exceeds $15,000 or which results in loss of service to 50 or more customers. The pipeline company shall notify the board, as soon as possible, of any incident by emailing the duty officer at or, if email is not available, by calling the board duty officer at (515)745-2332. The cost of gas lost due to the incident shall not be considered in calculating the economic damage of the incident.

(3) Utilities operating in other states shall provide to the board data for Iowa only.

(Rescinded IAB 3/6/91, effective 4/10/91. Renumbered from 199-10.17IAB February 26, 2020/Volume XLII, Number 18, effective 4/1/2020)

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