Iowa Admin. Code r. 199-19.2 - Records, reports, and tariffs

Current through Register Vol. 44, No. 20, April 6, 2022

(1) Location and retention of records. Unless otherwise specified in this chapter, all records required by these rules shall be kept and preserved in accordance with the applicable provisions of Chapter 18 of the board's rules, Utility Records.
(2) Tariffs to be filed with the board. The schedules of rates and rules of rate-regulated gas utilities shall be filed with the board and shall be classified, designated, arranged and submitted so as to conform to the requirements of this chapter. Provisions of the schedules shall be definite and so stated as to minimize ambiguity or the possibility of misinterpretation. The form, identification and content of tariffs shall be in accordance with these rules.

Utilities which are not subject to the rate regulation provided for by Iowa Code chapter 476 shall not be required to file schedules of rates, rules, or contracts primarily concerned with a rate schedule with the board, but nothing contained in these rules shall be deemed to relieve any utility of the requirement of furnishing any of these same schedules or contracts which are needed by the board in the performance of the board's duties upon request to do so by the board.

(3) Form and identification. All tariffs shall conform to the following rules:
a. The tariff shall be filed electronically using the board's electronic filing system. The filed tariff shall be capable of being reproduced on 8½- x 11-inch paper so customers may reproduce copies of the tariff. A tariff filed with the board may be the same format as is required by a federal agency provided that the rules of the board as to title page; identity of superseding, replacing or revision sheets; identity of amending sheets; identity of the filing utility, issuing official, date of issue, effective date; and the words "Gas Tariff Filed with Board" shall apply in the modification of the federal agency format for the purposes of filing with this board.
b. The title page of every tariff and supplement shall show:
(1) The first page shall be the title page which shall show:

(Name of Public Utility)

Gas Tariff

Filed with

Iowa Utilities Board


(2) When a tariff is to be superseded or replaced in its entirety, the replacing tariff shall show on the upper right corner of its title page that it is a revision of a tariff on file and the number being superseded or replaced, for example:

Tariff No. _____________________________

Supersedes Tariff No. ______________________

(3) When a new part of a tariff eliminates an existing part of a tariff it shall so state and clearly identify the part eliminated.
(4) Any tariff modifications as defined in "3" above replacing tariff sheets shall be marked in the right margin with symbols as herein described to indicate the place, nature and extent of the change in text.




A change in regulation


A discontinued rate, treatment or regulation


An increased rate or new treatment resulting in increased rate


A new rate, treatment or regulation


A reduced rate or new treatment resulting in a reduced rate


A change in text but no change in rate, treatment or regulation

c. All sheets except the title page shall have, in addition to the above-stated requirements, the following information:
(1) Name of utility under which shall be set forth the words "Filed with Board." If the utility is not a corporation, and a trade name is used, the name of the individual or partners must precede the trade name.
(2) Issuing official and issue date.
(3) Effective date (to be left blank by rate-regulated utilities).
d. All sheets except the title page shall have the following form:

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The issued date is the date the tariff or the amended sheet content was adopted by the utility.

The effective date will be left blank by rate-regulated utilities and shall be determined by the board. The utility may propose an effective date.

(4) Content of tariffs. A tariff filed with the board shall contain:
a. A table of contents containing a list of rate schedules and other sections in the order in which they appear showing the sheet number of the first page of each section.
b. All rates of utilities subject to rate regulation for service with indication of each rate for the type of gas and the class of customers to which each rate applies. There shall also be shown the prices per unit of service, the number of units per billing period to which the prices apply, the period of billing, the minimum bill, the method of measuring demands and consumptions, including the method of calculating or estimating loads or minimums, delivery pressure, and any special terms or conditions applicable. All rates should be separated into "gas" and "nongas" components, and books and records shall be maintained on this basis. Books and records shall be available to the board for audits upon request. The gas components will be the result of the utility's periodic review of gas procurement practices rule (199-19.11(476)) and PGA (rule 199-19.10(476)) proceeding. The nongas components will be established through rate case proceedings under Iowa Code section 476.3 or 476.6. The period during which the net amount may be paid before the account becomes delinquent shall be specified. In any case where net and gross amounts are billed, the difference between net and gross is a late payment charge and shall be so specified.

Customer charges for all special services relating to providing the basic utility service including, but not limited to, reconnect charge and different categories of service calls shall be specified.

c. A copy of the utility's rules, or terms and conditions, describing the utility's policies and practices in providing service shall include:
(1) A statement as to the equivalent total heating value of the gas in Btu's per cubic foot on which their customers are billed. If necessary, this may be listed by district, division or community.
(2) The list of the items which the utility furnishes, owns, and maintains on the customer's premises, such as service pipe, meters, regulators, vents and shut-off valves.
(3) General statement indicating the extent to which the utility will provide service in the adjustment of customer appliances at no additional customer charge.
(4) General statement of the utility's policy in making adjustments for wastage of gas when such wastage occurs without the knowledge of the customer.
(5) A statement indicating the minimum number of days allowed for payment after the due date of the customer's bill before service will be discontinued for nonpayment.
(6) A statement indicating the volumetric measurement base to which all sales of gas at other than standard delivery pressure are corrected.
(7) Forms of standard contracts required of customers for the various types of service available.
(8) All tariffs must provide that, notwithstanding any other provision of this tariff or contract with reference thereto, all rates and charges contained in this tariff or contract with reference thereto may be modified at any time by a subsequent filing made pursuant to the provisions of Iowa Code chapter 476.
(9) A copy of each type of customer bill.
(10) Definitions of classes of customer.
(11) Rules for extending service in accordance with 19.3(10).
(12) Rules with which prospective customers must comply as a condition of receiving service, and the terms of contracts required.
(13) Rules governing the establishment and maintenance of credit by customers for payment of service bills.
(14) Rules governing disconnecting and reconnecting service.
(15) Notice required from customer for having service discontinued.
(16) Rules covering temporary, emergency, auxiliary, and stand-by service.
(17) Rules shall show any limitations on loads and cover the type of equipment which may or may not be connected.
(18) Rate-regulated utilities shall include a list of service areas and the applicable rates in such form as to facilitate ready determination of the rates available in each municipality and in such unincorporated communities as have service.
(19) Rules on meter reading, billing periods, bill issuance, timely customer payment, notice of delinquency and service disconnection for nonpayment of bill.
(20) Rules on how a customer or prospective customer should file a complaint with the utility, and how the complaint will be processed.
(21) Rules on how a customer, disconnected customer or potential customer for residential service may negotiate for a payment agreement on amount due, determination of even payment amounts, and time allowed for payments.
(22) If a sliding scale or automatic adjustment is applicable to regulated rates or charges of billed customers, the manner and method of such adjustment calculation shall be covered through a detailed explanation.
(5) Annual, periodic and other reports to be filed with the board.
a. System map verification. A utility shall file annually with the board a verification that it has a correct set of utility system maps for each operating or distribution area. The maps shall show:
(1) Peak shaving facilities location.
(2) Feeder and distribution mains indicating size and pressure.
(3) System metering (town border stations and other supply points).
(4) Regulator stations in system indicating inlet and outlet pressures.
(5) Calorimeter location.
(6) State boundary crossing.
(7) Franchise area.
(8) Names of all communities (post offices) served.
b. Incident reports. Rescinded IAB 1/30/08, effective 3/5/08.
c. Construction programs. Rescinded IAB 11/19/97, effective 12/24/97.
d. Reports of gas service. Each utility shall compile a monthly record of gas service. The record shall be completed within 30 days after the end of the month covered. The compilation is to be kept available, for inspection by the board or its staff, at the utility's principal office within the state of Iowa. Such record shall contain:
(1) The daily and monthly average of total heating values of gas in accordance with 19.7(6).
(2) The monthly acquisition and disposition of gas.
(3) Interruptions of service occurring during the month in accordance with 19.7(7). If there were no interruptions, then it should be so stated.
(4) The number of customer pressure investigations made and the results.
(5) The number of customer meters tested and test results tabulated as follows: The number that falls into limits 0 to + 2%, + 2 to + 4%, 0 to - 2%, - 2 to - 4%, over + 4%, under - 4%, and "Does Not Register" in accuracy.
(6) Progress on leak survey programs including the number of leaks found classified as to hazard and nature, and if known, the cause and type of pipe involved.
(7) Number of district regulators checked and nature of repairs required.
(8) Number of house regulators checked and nature of repairs required.
(9) Description of any unusual operating difficulties.
(10) Type of odorant and monthly average pounds per million cubic feet used in each individual distribution system.

A summary of the 12 monthly gas service records for each calendar year shall be attached to and submitted with the utility's annual fiscal plant and statistical report to the board.

e. Filing published meter and service installation rules. A copy of the utility's current rules, if any, published or furnished by the utility for the use of engineers, architects, plumbing contractors, etc., covering meter and service installation shall be filed with the board.
f. Filing customer bill forms. A copy of each type of customer bill form in current use shall be filed with the board.
g. Reports to federal agencies. Copies of reports submitted to the U.S. Department of Transportation pursuant to 49 CFR Part 191, Part 192, or Part 199 shall be filed with the board no later than ten days following the submission. Utilities operating in other states shall provide to the board data for Iowa only.
h. Change in rate. A notification to the board shall be made of any planned change in rate of service by a utility even though the change in rate of service is provided for in its tariff filing with the board. This information shall reflect the amount of increase or decrease and the effective date of application. An up-to-date tariff sheet shall be supplied to the Iowa utilities board for its copy of the tariff showing the current rates.
i. List of persons authorized to receive board inquiries. Each utility shall file with the board in the annual report required by 199-subrule 23.1(2) a list of names, titles, addresses, and telephone numbers of persons authorized to receive, act upon, and respond to communications from the board in connection with:
(1) general management duties;
(2) customer relations (complaints);
(3) engineering operations;
(4) meter tests and repairs;
(5) pipeline permits (gas).

Each utility shall file with the board a telephone contact number or numbers where the board can obtain current information 24 hours a day about incidents and interruptions of service from a knowledgeable person. The contact information required by this paragraph shall be kept current as changes or corrections are made.

j. Residential customer statistics. Each rate-regulated gas utility shall file with the board on or before the fifteenth day of each month one copy of the following residential customer statistics for the preceding month:
(1) Number of accounts;
(2) Number of accounts certified as eligible for energy assistance since the preceding October 1;
(3) Number of accounts past due;
(4) Number of accounts eligible for energy assistance and past due;
(5) Total revenue owed on accounts past due;
(6) Total revenue owed on accounts eligible for energy assistance and past due;
(7) Number of disconnection notices issued;
(8) Number of disconnection notices issued on accounts eligible for energy assistance;
(9) Number of disconnections for nonpayment;
(10) Number of reconnections;
(11) Number of accounts determined uncollectible; and
(12) Number of accounts eligible for energy assistance and determined uncollectible.
k. Monthly, periodic and annual reports. Each utility shall file such other monthly, periodic and annual reports as are requested by the board. Monthly and periodic reports shall be due in the board's office within 30 days after the end of the reporting period. All annual reports shall be filed with this board by April 1 of each year for the preceding calendar year.

This rule is intended to implement Iowa Code section 476.2.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 199-19.2
ARC 7962B, IAB 7/15/09, effective 8/19/09; ARC 9501B, IAB 5/18/11, effective 6/22/11; ARC 1359C, IAB 3/5/2014, effective 4/9/2014 Amended by IAB September 14, 2016/Volume XXXIX, Number 06, effective 10/19/2016 Amended by IAB November 8, 2017/Volume XL, Number 10, effective 12/13/2017 Amended by IAB March 27, 2019/Volume XLI, Number 20, effective 5/1/2019 Amended by IAB November 17, 2021/Volume XLIV, Number 10, effective 12/22/2021

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