RULE 281-120.203 - Statewide system and description of services

RULE 281-120.203. Statewide system and description of services

Each application must include the following items:

(1) Description of services. A description of services to be provided under this chapter to infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families through the state's system;

(2) Identification and coordination of resources. The state's policies and procedures regarding the identification and coordination of all available resources within the state from federal, state, local, and private sources as required under Division VII of this chapter and including:

a. Policies or procedures adopted by the state as its system of payments that meet the requirements in rules 281-120.510 (34CFR303), 281-120.520 (34CFR303), and 281-120.521 (34CFR303); and

b. Methods used by the state to implement the requirements in subrule 120.511(2); and

(3) Rigorous definition of developmental delay. The state's rigorous definition of developmental delay, as required under rule 281-120.111 (34CFR303).

(ARC 0100C, IAB 4/18/12, effective 5/23/12)

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