RULE 281-120.705 - Withholding funds

RULE 281-120.705. Withholding funds

(1) General. As a consequence of a determination made under rule 281- 120.703(34CFR303) or enforcement of any provision of Part C of the Act and this chapter, the department may withhold some or all of the funds from an EIS provider or a program or service of an EIS provider.

(2) Hearing. If the department intends to withhold funds, it shall provide notice and an opportunity for a hearing to an EIS provider. If a hearing is requested, the department may suspend payments to the EIS provider, suspend the authority of the EIS provider to obligate funds, or both, until a decision is made after the hearing. A hearing under this rule, which shall not be a contested case under Iowa Code chapter 17A, shall be requested within 30 days of notice of withholding by requesting a hearing before the director of the Iowa department of education or the director's designee. The presiding officer at the hearing shall consider the purposes of Part C of the Act and of this chapter and shall determine whether the state abused its discretion in its decision under subrule 120.705(1).

(3) Reinstatement. If the EIS provider substantially rectifies the condition that prompted the initial withholding under subrule 120.705(1), then the department may reinstate payments. If an EIS provider disagrees with the department's decision that the provider has not substantially rectified the condition that prompted the initial withholding under subrule 120.705(1), the provider may request a hearing under subrule 120.705(2).

(ARC 0100C, IAB 4/18/12, effective 5/23/12)

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