RULE 281-120.801 - Early ACCESS system-state level

RULE 281-120.801. Early ACCESS system-state level

(1) Lead agency. The Iowa department of education was appointed lead agency on June 24, 1987. Responsibilities of the lead agency include:

a. Developing and implementing policies and procedures regarding the types of information to be gathered and the policies and parameters for sharing of information across agencies and programs, as well as such information that might be necessary for an annual report to the governor and the U.S. Department of Education;

b. Monitoring the agencies, institutions and organizations that provide early intervention services and supports;

c. Enforcing any obligations imposed under Part C of the Act on the agencies listed in paragraph 120.801(1)"b";

d. Providing technical assistance, if necessary, to the agencies, institutions and organizations listed in paragraph 120.801(1)"b";

e. Correcting deficiencies that are identified through monitoring;

f. Adopting and carrying out complaint procedures;

g. Mediating any interagency disputes regarding early intervention services;

h. Establishing policies related to how early intervention services to eligible children and their families shall be paid for;

i. Establishing procedures to ensure the timely provision of services;

j. Ensuring that the following functions and services are provided at public expense:

(1) Child find requirements;

(2) Evaluation and assessment functions;

(3) Service coordination;

(4) Development and review of IFSPs;

(5) Implementation of procedural safeguards; and

(6) Other components of the statewide system of Early ACCESS;

k. Maintaining a data system to be utilized for gathering information regarding early intervention services provided for eligible children in Early ACCESS; and

l. Monitoring use of funds.

(2) Signatory agencies. The departments of education, public health, and human services and the child health specialty clinics shall enter into an interagency agreement to formalize their joint commitments to the establishment and ongoing implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive, integrated, interagency Early ACCESS system. The Iowa department of education is responsible for providing education programs and services for preschool and school-age students, including children with disabilities, from birth through 21 years of age. The Iowa department of human services administers social service programs in order to help and empower individuals and families to become increasingly self-sufficient and productive. The Iowa department of public health administers public health programs in order to promote and protect the health of Iowans. The child health specialty clinics are the statewide public health program for children with special health care needs, as designated by the legislature.

(3) Interagency agreement. In addition to the requirements set forth elsewhere in this chapter, the agreement between signatory agencies shall outline the commitment of these agencies to the implementation of an interagency, integrated system of Early ACCESS and:

a. Reflect the interagency vision and guiding principles of Early ACCESS;

b. Define the population to be served;

c. Identify roles, responsibilities and expectations of the signatory agencies;

d. Outline financial responsibilities of the signatory agencies;

e. Describe parameters for policy development and management decisions;

f. Describe procedures for resolving disputes;

g. Identify transition activities from Part C services;

h. Describe child find efforts; and

i. Describe the roles and responsibilities of the signatory agencies and assigned staff.

(ARC 0100C, IAB 4/18/12, effective 5/23/12)

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