Iowa Admin. Code r. 441-88.4 - Disenrollment

Current through Register Vol. 44, No. 12, December 15, 2021

(1) Disenrollment request. An enrolled recipient may request disenrollment at any time. In voluntary counties, this request shall be approved and acted upon within ten days of receipt without requiring the recipient to demonstrate good cause. In mandatory counties as defined at subrule 88.3(3), the disenrollment shall not be acted upon by the health care contractor unless the request includes an alternate choice of managed health care.
(2) Effective date. Disenrollment will be effective no later than the first day of the second calendar month after the month in which the department receives a request for disenrollment. The recipient will remain enrolled in the PHP and the PHP will be responsible for services covered under the contract until the effective date of disenrollment which will always be the first day of a month.
(3) Disenrollment process. If the recipient is requesting disenrollment, the recipient shall complete the choice form designated by the managed health care contractor which can be obtained through the PHP, the county office, or the managed health care contractor. If the PHP receives a request from the recipient, the PHP shall forward the form to the managed health care contractor within three working days. If the recipient must show good cause for disenrollment, the determination as to whether disenrollment shall occur shall be made by the managed health care review committee within 30 days. If the recipient or the PHP disagrees with the decision of the review committee, an appeal may be filed under the provisions of 441-Chapter 7. If the PHP is requesting disenrollment, the PHP shall complete Form 470-2169, Managed Health Care Provider Request for Disenrollment. If the county office receives a completed Form 470-2169 from the managed health care provider, the county office shall forward the form to the managed health care review committee within three working days.
a. Request for disenrollment by the recipient. In voluntary counties, the request shall be approved and acted upon within ten days of receipt by the managed health care contractor. In mandatory counties, a request for disenrollment shall be denied unless a choice of another managed health care provider is requested simultaneously or good cause can be demonstrated to the review committee. Examples of good cause include services received which were untimely, inaccessible, of insufficient quality, or inadequately provided by all of the contracting managed health care providers in the recipient's county of residence. If the recipient has not experienced the above conditions in all the other available managed health care programs, enrollment in one of the alternative managed health care programs shall be a condition of approving disenrollment.
b. Request for disenrollment by the PHP. With prior approval of the managed health care review committee, a request for disenrollment of an enrolled recipient may be approved when:
(1) There is evidence of fraud or forgery in the use of PHP services or in the choice for PHP services.
(2) There is evidence of unauthorized use of the PHP identification card.
(3) Upon documentation, the PHP has been unable after reasonable efforts to establish or maintain a satisfactory physician-patient relationship with the recipient.
(4) Disenrollments by the department. Disenrollments will occur when:
a. The contract between the department and the PHP is terminated.
b. The recipient becomes ineligible for Medicaid. If the recipient becomes ineligible and is later reinstated to Medicaid, enrollment in the PHP will also be reinstated.
c. The recipient permanently moves outside the PHP's enrollment area.
d. The recipient transfers to an eligibility group excluded from PHP enrollment. See definition of recipient in rule 441-88.1 (249A).
e. The department has determined that participation in the HIPP (Health Insurance Premium Payment) program as described in rule 441-75.21 (249A) is more cost-effective than enrollment in managed health care.
(5) No disenrollment for health reasons. No recipient shall be disenrolled from a PHP because of an adverse change in health status.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 441-88.4
Amended by IAB January 06, 2016/Volume XXXVIII, Number 14, effective 1/1/2016

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