Iowa Admin. Code r. 491-10.1 - Terms defined

Current through Register Vol. 44, No. 20, April 6, 2022

As used in the rules, unless the context otherwise requires, the following definitions apply:

"Age" means the age of a horse reckoned from the first day of January of the year of foaling.

"Allowance race" means an overnight race for which eligibility and weight to be carried are determined according to specified conditions that include age, sex, earnings, and number of wins.

"Also eligible" means:

1. A number of eligible horses, properly entered, which were not drawn for inclusion in a race but which become eligible according to preference or lot when an entry is scratched prior to the scratch time deadline; or

2. The next preferred nonqualifier for the finals or consolation from a set of elimination trials that will become eligible in the event a finalist is scratched by the stewards for a rule violation or is otherwise eligible if written race conditions permit.

"Appeal" means a request for the commission or its designee to investigate, consider, and review any decisions or rulings of stewards.

"Arrears" means all moneys owed by a licensee, including subscriptions, jockey fees, forfeitures, and any default incident to these rules.

"Authorized agent" means a person licensed by the commission and appointed by a written instrument, signed and acknowledged before a notary public by the owner on whose behalf the agent will act.

"Bleeder" means a horse that hemorrhages from within the respiratory tract during a race, within one and one-half hours postrace, during exercise or within one and one-half hours of exercise.

"Bleeder list" means a tabulation of all bleeders to be maintained by the commission.

"Chemist" means any official racing chemist designated by the commission.

"Claiming race" means a race in which any horse starting may be claimed (purchased for a designated amount) in conformance with the rules. (See also waived claiming rule in paragraph 10.6(18) "A:.")

"Commission" means the racing and gaming commission.

"Conditions" means qualifications that determine a horse's eligibility to be entered in a race.

"Contest" means a competitive racing event on which pari-mutuel wagering is conducted.

"Coupled entry" means two or more contestants in a contest that are treated as a single betting interest for pari-mutuel wagering purposes. (See also "Entry.")

"Day" means a 24-hour period ending at midnight.

"Dead heat" means when the noses of two or more horses reach the finish line of a race at the same time.

"Declaration" means the act of withdrawing an entered horse from a race prior to the closing of entries.

"Detention barn" means the barn designated for the collection from horses of test samples under the supervision of the commission veterinarian; also the barn assigned by the commission to a horse on the bleeder list, for occupancy as a prerequisite for receiving bleeder medication.

"Entry" means a horse made eligible to run in a race; or two or more horses, entered in the same race, which have common ties of ownership, lease, or training. (See also "Coupled entry.")

"Facility" means an entity licensed by the commission to conduct pari-mutuel wagering or gaming operations in Iowa.

"Facility premises" means all real property utilized by the facility in the conduct of its race meeting, including the racetrack, grandstand, concession stands, offices, barns, stable area, employee housing facilities, parking lots, and any other areas under the jurisdiction of the commission.

"Field or mutuelfield" means a group of two or more horses upon which a single bet may be placed. A mutuel field is required when the number of horses starting in a race exceeds the capacity of the track totalizator. The highest numbered horse within the totalizator capacity and all the higher-numbered horses following are then grouped together in the mutuel field.

"Foreign substances" means all substances except those that exist naturally in the untreated horse at normal physiological concentration.

"Forfeit" means money due from a licensee because of an error, fault, neglect of duty, breach of contract, or penalty imposed by the stewards or the commission.

"Handicap" means a race in which the weights to be carried by the horses are assigned by the racing secretary or handicapper for the purpose of equalizing the chances of winning for all horses entered.

"Horse" means any equine (including equine designated as a mare, filly, stallion, colt, ridgeling, or gelding) registered for racing; specifically, an entire male 5 years of age and older.

"Hypodermic injection" means any injection into or under the skin or mucosa, including intradermal injection, subcutaneous injection, submucosal injection, intramuscular injection, intravenous injection, intra-arterial injection, intra-articular injection, intrabursal injection, and intraocular (intraconjunctival) injection.

"Inquiry" means an investigation by the stewards of potential interference in a contest prior to declaring the result of said contest official.

"Jockey" means a professional rider licensed to ride in races.

"Licensee" means any person or entity licensed by the commission to engage in racing or related regulated activity.

"Maiden race" means a contest restricted to nonwinners.

"Meet/meeting" means the specified period and dates each year during which a facility is authorized by the commission to conduct pari-mutuel wagering on horse racing.

"Month" means a calendar month.

"Nomination" means the naming of a horse to a certain race or series of races generally accompanied by payment of a prescribed fee.

"Nominator" means the person or entity in whose name a horse is nominated for a race or series of races.

"Objection" means:

1. A written complaint made to the stewards concerning a horse entered in a race and filed not later than one hour prior to the scheduled post time of the first race on the day in which the questioned horse is entered; or

2. A verbal claim of foul in a race lodged by the horse's jockey, trainer, owner, or the owner's authorized agent before the race is declared official.

"Official starter" means the official responsible for dispatching the horses for a race.

"Official time" means the elapsed time from the moment the first horse crosses the starting point until the first horse crosses the finish line.

"Overnight race," also known as a purse race, means a contest for which entries close at a time set by the racing secretary.

"Owner" means a person or entity that holds any title, right or interest, whole or partial, in a horse, including the lessee and lessor of a horse.

"Paddock" means an enclosure in which horses scheduled to compete in a contest are saddled prior to racing.

"Performance" means a schedule of 8 to 12 races per day unless otherwise authorized by the commission.

"Postposition" means the preassigned position from which a horse will leave the starting gate.

"Post time" means the scheduled time for horses to arrive at the starting gate for a contest.

"Prize" means the combined total of any cash, premium, trophy, and object of value awarded to the owners of horses according to order of finish in a race.

"Purse" means the total cash amount for which a race is contested.

"Purse race" means a race for money or other prize to which the owners of horses entered do not contribute money toward its purse.

"Race" means a running contest between horses ridden by jockeys for a purse, prize, or other reward run at a facility in the presence of the stewards of the meeting. This includes purse races, overnight races and stakes races.

"Recognized meeting" means any meeting with regularly scheduled races for horses on the flat in a jurisdiction having reciprocal relations with this state and the commission for the mutual enforcement of rulings relating to horse racing.

"Rules" means the rules promulgated by the commission to regulate the conduct of horse racing.

"Scratch" means the act of withdrawing an entered horse from a contest after the closing of entries.

"Scratch time" means the deadline set by the facility for withdrawal of entries from a scheduled performance.

"Smoke" means the procedure of reviewing entries for correctness, eligibility, weight allowances, and medications.

"Stakes race" means a contest in which nomination (if applicable), entry, and starting fees contribute to the purse. No overnight race shall be considered a stakes race. Special designations or classifications for stakes races such as "graded stakes" or "black type" shall be determined by the appropriate breed registries or recognized authorities.

"Starter" means a horse that becomes an actual contestant in a race by virtue of the starting gate opening in front of it upon dispatch by the official starter.

"Steward" means a duly appointed racing official with powers and duties specified by rules.

"Subscription" means moneys paid for nomination, entry, eligibility, or starting of a horse in a stakes race.

"Test level" means the concentration of a foreign substance found in the test sample.

"Test sample" means any bodily substance including, but not limited to, blood, urine, or hair taken from a horse under the supervision of the commission veterinarian and as prescribed by the commission for the purpose of analysis.

"Totalizator" means the system used for recording, calculating, and disseminating information about ticket sales, wagers, odds, and payoff prices to patrons at a pari-mutuel wagering facility.

"Veterinarian" means a veterinarian holding a current unrestricted license issued by the state of Iowa veterinary regulatory authority and licensed by the commission.

"Winner" means the horse whose nose reaches the finish line first or is placed first through disqualification by the stewards.

"Year" means a calendar year.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 491-10.1
ARC 9987B, lAB 2/8/12, effective 3/14/12 Amended by IAB March 30, 2016/Volume XXXVIII, Number 20, effective 5/4/2016 Amended by IAB December 19, 2018/Volume XLI, Number 13, effective 1/23/2019

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