Iowa Admin. Code r. 491-11.10 - Slot machine hardware and software specifications

Current through Register Vol. 44, No. 20, April 6, 2022

(1) Hardware specifications.
a. Electrical and mechanical parts and design principles shall not subject players to physical hazards.
b. The battery backup, or an equivalent, for the electronic meters must be capable of maintaining accuracy of all required information for 30 days after power is discontinued from a slot machine. The backup shall be kept within the locked logic board compartment.
c. An identification badge permanently affixed by the manufacturer to the exterior of the cabinet shall include the following information:
(1) The manufacturer;
(2) A unique serial number;
(3) The gaming device model number; and
(4) The date of manufacture.
d. The operations and outcomes of each slot machine must not be adversely affected by influences from outside the device.
e. The internal space of a slot machine shall not be readily accessible when the front door is both closed and locked.
f. Logic boards and software storage media which significantly influence the operation of the game must be in a locked compartment within the slot machine.
g. The currency drop container must be in a locked compartment within or attached to the slot machine. Access to the currency storage areas shall be secured by separate locks which shall be fitted with sensors that indicate door open/closed or stacker removed.
h. No hardware switches may be installed that alter the pay tables or payout percentages in the operation of a slot machine. Hardware switches may be installed to control graphic routines, speed of play, and sound.
i. A display which automatically illuminates when a player has won a jackpot or other award not paid automatically and totally by the slot machine and which advises players that they will be paid by an attendant shall be located conspicuously on the slot machine.
j. A payglass/video display shall be clearly identified and shall accurately state the rules of the game and the award that will be paid to the player when the player obtains a specific combination of symbols or other criteria. All information required in this paragraph must be available and readable at all times the slot machine is in service.
k. A light that automatically illuminates when a player has won an amount or is redeeming credits that the machine cannot automatically pay, an error condition has occurred, or a "Call attendant" condition has been intitiated by the player shall be located conspicuously on top of the gaming device. At the discretion of the administrator, tower lights may be shared among certain machines or substituted by an audible alarm.
l. If credits are collected and the total credit value is unable to be paid automatically by the gaming device, the device shall lock up until the credits have been paid and the amount collected has been cleared by an attendant handpay or normal operation has been restored.
(2) Software specifications.
a. Random number generator Each slot machine must have a random number generator to determine the results of the game symbol selections or production of game outcomes. The selection shall:
(1) Be statistically independent.
(2) Conform to the desired random distribution.
(3) Pass various recognized statistical tests.
(4) Be unpredictable.
(5) Have a testing confidence level of 99 percent.
b. Continuation of game after malfunction is cleared. Each slot machine must be capable of continuing the current game with all current game features after a malfunction is cleared. This paragraph does not apply if a slot machine is rendered totally inoperable; however, the current wager and all credits appearing on the screen prior to the malfunction must be returned to the player
c. Electronic accounting meters. Each slot machine must maintain electronic accounting meters at all times, regardless of whether the slot machine is being supplied with power For each meter recording values, the slot machine must be capable of maintaining no fewer than ten digits. For each meter recording occurrences, the slot machine must be capable of maintaining no fewer than eight digits. No slot machine may have a mechanism that will cause the electronic accounting meters to automatically clear due to an error The electronic meters must record, at a minimum, the following:
(1) Coin-in.
(2) Coin-out.
(3) Drop.
(4) Attendant-paid jackpots.
(5) Currency in.
(6) Currency out.
(7) External door
(8) Bill validator door
(9) Machine-paid external bonus payout.
(10) Attendant-paid external bonus payout.
(11) Attendant-paid progressive payout.
(12) Machine-paid progressive payout.
d. Error conditions. Each slot machine shall display and report error conditions to the online monitoring system. For machines that display only a code, definitions for all codes must be permanently affixed to the interior of the slot machine. Error conditions that must be displayed and reported include but are not limited to:
(1) Currency in.
(2) Currency out.
(3) Door open.
(4) RAM.
(5) Low battery.
(6) Program authentication.
(7) Reel spin.
(8) Power reset.
(3) Previous slot machine models. Subject to administrator approval of specific gaming devices, slot machines may be used that do not meet the requirements of subrules 11.10(1) and 11.10(2) but have been certified under previously approved specifications by a commission-designated independent testing facility and maintain a current certification.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 491-11.10
ARC 8029B, lAB 8/12/09, effective 9/16/09

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