Iowa Admin. Code r. 491-4.4 - Gaming representatives-licensing and regulatory duties

Current through Register Vol. 44, No. 20, April 6, 2022

(1) The gaming representative shall make decisions whether to approve applications for occupational licenses, in accordance with the rules and statutes.
a. Each decision denying a license for an occupational license shall be in writing. The decision must contain a brief explanation of the reason for the decision, including a reference to the statute or rule serving as the basis for the decision.
b. Rescinded IAB 2/5/03, effective 3/12/03.
c. Rescinded IAB 9/29/04, effective 11/3/04.
d. Upon the filing of a timely and perfected appeal, the applicant has the right to a contested case proceeding, as set forth supra in these rules.
(2) The gaming representative or the administrator's designee shall monitor, supervise, and regulate the activities of occupational, pari-mutuel racetrack, sports wagering, fantasy sports contest, gambling game, excursion gambling boat, and gambling structure licensees. A gaming representative or the administrator's designee may investigate any questionable conduct by a licensee for any violation of the rules or statutes. A gaming representative or the administrator's designee may refer an investigation to the gaming board upon suspicion that a licensee or nonlicensee has committed a violation of the rules or statutes.
a. A gaming representative shall make a referral to the gaming board in writing. The referral shall make reference to rules or statutory provisions at issue and provide a factual basis supporting the violation.
b. The gaming representative making the referral to the gaming board, or a designee of the gaming board, shall appear before the gaming board at the hearing to provide any information requested by the board.
(3) A gaming representative or the administrator's designee shall summarily suspend an occupational license when a licensee has been formally arrested or charged with a crime that would disqualify the licensee, if convicted, from holding a license and the gaming representative or the administrator's designee determines that the licensee poses an immediate danger to the public health, safety, or welfare of the patrons, participants, or animals associated with a facility licensed under Iowa Code chapter 99D, 99E or 99F. Upon proof of resolution of a disqualifying criminal charge or formal arrest, regardless of summary suspension of a license, the gaming representative shall take one of the following courses of action:
a. If the license was summarily suspended and the charges are dismissed or the licensee is acquitted of the charges, the gaming representative shall reinstate the license.
b. If the licensee is convicted of the charges, the gaming representative shall deny the license.
c. If the licensee is convicted of a lesser charge, it is at the discretion of the gaming representative whether to reinstate or deny the license pursuant to 491-Chapter 6.
(4) The gaming representative shall revoke the license of a person reported to the commission as having refused drug testing or as having a confirmed positive drug test result for a controlled substance, for a drug test conducted pursuant to Iowa Code section 730.5 or 99F.4(20).
(5) A gaming representative may eject and exclude any person from the premises of a pari-mutuel racetrack, excursion gambling boat, or gambling structure for any reason justified by the rules or statutes. The gaming representative may provide notice of ejection or exclusion orally or in writing. The gaming representative may define the scope of the exclusion to any degree necessary to protect the integrity of racing and gaming in Iowa. The gaming representative may exclude the person for a certain or an indefinite period of time.
(6) The gaming representative may forbid any person from continuing to engage in an activity the representative feels is detrimental to racing or gaming until resolved.
(7) The gaming representative shall have other powers and duties set forth in the statutes and rules, and as assigned by the administrator.
(8) A gaming representative may summarily suspend an occupational licensee in accordance with rule 491-4.47 (17A).


Iowa Admin. Code r. 491-4.4
ARC 8029B, lAB 8/12/09, effective 9/16/09 Amended by IAB August 28, 2019/Volume XLII, Number 5, effective 7/31/2019 Amended by IAB April 8, 2020/Volume XLII, Number 21, effective 5/13/2020

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