RULE 567-65.102 - Concentrated animal feeding operations; NPDES permits

RULE 567-65.102. Concentrated animal feeding operations; NPDES permits

Iowa Code subsection 459A401(2). requires an open feedlot that is a concentrated animal feeding operation as defined in 40 CFR 12223(b). to comply with applicable NPDES permit requirements pursuant to rules adopted by the commission. The following regulations are adopted by reference:

* 40 CFR 12221., application for a permit.

* 40 CFR 12223., concentrated animal feeding operations.

* 40 CFR 12242(e)., additional conditions applicable to specified categories of NPDES permits.

* 40 CFR 12263(h)., minor modification of permits.

* 40 CFR Part 412, concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) point source category.

(Amended by IAB November 9, 2016/Volume XXXIX, Number 10, effective 12/14/2016)

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