Iowa Admin. Code r. 605-14.5 - Applications

(1) The board shall prescribe the form of the application, instructions and associated documents. Applications, instructions, programmatic guidance and forms are available through the department and its Web site, .
(2) A governmental entity shall submit an application to the board for approval of a project plan prior to January 1, 2016.
(3) The application shall specify whether the governmental entity is requesting financial assistance from the flood mitigation fund or approval for the use of sales tax revenues. Applications for financial assistance from the flood mitigation fund shall describe the type and amount of assistance requested. Applications for the use of sales tax revenues shall state the amount of sales tax revenues necessary for completion of the project and shall contain a report from the Iowa department of revenue, as requested by the governmental entity, that provides recent historical data on sales tax revenue and trends in sales tax revenue growth.
(4) Each application shall include or have attached to the application the governmental entity's project plan adopted under Iowa Code section 4184(2).. The application package shall include all of the following:
a. The project plan that includes:
(1) A detailed description of the project, including all phases of construction or reconstruction included in the project, maintenance plans for the completed project, the estimated cost of the project, and the maximum amount of debt to be incurred for purposes of funding the project; and
(2) A detailed description of all anticipated funding sources for the project, including information relating to either the proposed use of financial assistance from the flood mitigation fund or the proposed use of sales tax increment revenues.
b. A copy of the application for federal funds and subsequent approval letter as specified under Iowa Code section 4184(3). "b. "
c. A detailed budget.
d. A statement about whether the project is designed to mitigate future flooding of existing property and infrastructure that have sustained significant flood damage and are likely to sustain significant flood damage in the future. Detailed information on the existing property and infrastructure shall be included.
e. A statement about whether the project plan addresses the impact of flooding both upstream and downstream from the area where the project is to be undertaken and whether the project conforms to any applicable floodplain ordinance.
f. A statement about whether the area that would benefit from the project's flood mitigation efforts is sufficiently valuable to the economic viability of the state or is of sufficient historic value to the state to justify the cost of the project.
g. A statement about the extent to which the project would utilize local matching funds. The board shall not approve a project unless at least 50 percent of the total cost of the project, less any federal financial assistance for the project, is funded using local matching funds, and unless the project will result in nonpublic investment in the governmental entity's area, as defined in Iowa Code section 41811(3)., of an amount equal to 50 percent of the total cost of the project. For purposes of this paragraph, "nonpublic investment" means investment by nonpublic entities consisting of capital investment or infrastructure improvements occurring in anticipation of or as a result of the project during the period of time between July 1, 2008, and ten years after the board approves the project.
h. A statement about the extent of nonfinancial support committed to the project from public and nonpublic sources.
i. A statement about whether the project is designed in coordination with other watershed management measures adopted by the governmental entity or adopted by the participating jurisdictions of the governmental entity, as applicable.
j. A statement about whether the project plan is consistent with the applicable comprehensive, countywide emergency operations plan in effect and other applicable local hazard mitigation plans.
k. A statement about whether financial assistance through the flood mitigation program is essential to meet the necessary expenses or serious needs of the governmental entity related to flood mitigation.
l. Any other documents requested by the board to assist the board in the consideration of the application.
m. If the governmental entity intends to issue bonds in accordance with Iowa Code section 41814., the governmental entity shall provide information from the proposed bonding company as to the viability of the bond issuance.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 605-14.5
ARC 1114C, IAB 10/16/2013, effective 11/20/2013

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