Iowa Admin. Code r. 61-2.15 - Other groups of records

Current through Register Vol. 44, No. 20, April 6, 2022

This rule describes groups of records maintained by the agency other than record systems as defined in rule 2.1(17A,22). The records listed may contain information about individuals. Unless otherwise designated, the authority for this office to maintain the record is provided by Iowa Code chapter 13, the statutes governing the subject matter of the record, and the enabling statutes of the agency client, where applicable. Because this office primarily acts as an attorney for the state, its officers, and agencies, almost all record categories contain information which is confidential as attorney work product or attorney-client communications. Those privileges or other provisions of law may render some or all of the following information confidential whether or not asserted in the description of the record. All records are stored both on paper and in automated data processing systems unless otherwise noted.

(1) Opinions of the attorney general. Official opinions of the attorney general are available to the public. A card index is maintained by subject and by Iowa Code section. Various legal publications provide citations to these opinions. Formal opinions are published in full every two years in the Report of the Attorney General. Summaries of letter opinions are also published.
(2) Consumer credit code advice letters. The attorney general has designated the head of the consumer protection division the administrator of the consumer credit code under Iowa Code chapter 537. The deputy administrator, an attorney in that division, has authority to issue advisory letters interpreting the consumer credit code as provided in Iowa Code section 537.6104(1) "d. " These advisory letters are stored and indexed by number, name of requester, name of business, and subject or issue. These letters are regularly provided to persons inquiring about similar issues. Copies may be obtained by contacting the Consumer Credit Code Administrator, Attorney General's Office, Second Floor, Hoover State Office Building, Des Moines, Iowa 50319, (515)281-5926.
(3) Legal research and form files. Various divisions maintain files on legal issues which may recur. These files include copies of cases and other published materials as well as attorney memoranda, notes, and briefs. Divisions also often maintain form pleadings which may contain attorney notes for use in drafting pleadings, contracts, etc., in future cases. The files contain information which is confidential as attorney work product or attorney-client communications or is confidential under other applicable provisions of law. The compilation of these materials as well as the individual materials may be privileged as attorney work product.
(4) Collections of documents generated by individual attorneys. Several divisions maintain a chronological collection of all correspondence, pleadings, briefs, etc., produced by each attorney. Some of this information is confidential as attorney work product or attorney-client communication or by virtue of other applicable law.
(5) Citizen inquiry and response files. Many people write this office on a variety of governmental problems or legal issues. The office does not generally provide legal advice to individuals but may provide general information.
(6) Consumer protection division membership campground licensing files. Under Iowa Code chapter 557B, membership campground operators must register annually with this office. The applications and correspondence concern the requirements provided in Iowa Code chapter 557B and Iowa Administrative Code 61-Chapter 25. The records, which are retrieved by name of the applicant or registrant, are generally open to the public but may contain attorney work product or confidential communication under Iowa Code sections 22.7(3), 22.7(4), 22.7(6), and 22.7(18).
(7) Consumer protection division trade and vocational schools registration records. Under Iowa Code sections 714.18 to 714.22, trade and vocational schools register with this office. The files contain information about whether the applicants meet the registration requirements or are exempt. These files are generally open but may contain attorney work product and information which is confidential under Iowa Code sections 22.7(3), 22.7(4), 22.7(6), and 22.7(18).
(8) Title opinions and title vesting certificates. The environmental division maintains a file on all title opinions and title vesting certificates issued regarding the department of natural resources and certain other departments.
(9) Administrative records. This includes documents concerning budget, property inventory, purchasing, yearly reports, office policies for employees, time sheets, printing and supply requisitions.
(10) Publications. The office receives a number of books, periodicals, newsletters, government documents, etc. These materials would generally be open to the public but may be protected by copyright law. Most publications of general interest are available in the state law library.
(11) Office publications. This office issues a variety of materials including consumer and farm brochures and pamphlets, press releases, statistical reports, Iowa Criminal Law Bulletin, Iowa Criminal Law Handbook and Updates.
(12) Litigation control dockets. The office maintains a chronological list of pleadings for each litigation file. These records are generally open to the public.
(13) Rule-making records. Official documents executed during the promulgation of agency rules and public comments are available for public inspection.
(14) Consumer protection division investigative hearing records. These are records of any hearings which may be held pursuant to Iowa Code section 714.16(4) "a. " Records of these hearings are open except to the extent that they may constitute work product.
(15) Office manuals. Information in office manuals such as the Consumer Division Complaint Assignment Book may be confidential under Iowa Code section 17A.2(7) ''f" or other applicable provision of law.
(16) Records concerning charitable trusts. Under Iowa Code section 633.303 this office may exercise oversight functions over charitable trusts. These files concern such matters as litigation to which the state or this office is a party, review and approval of annual reports, requests for orders regarding trust administration, and correspondence with trust attorneys, trustees, or otherwise. Some of this information is confidential as attorney work product. Litigation records are further discussed in subrule 2.14(2).
(17) All other records. Records are open if not exempted from disclosure by law.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 61-2.15

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