Iowa Admin. Code r. 641-157.1 - Definitions

Unless otherwise indicated, the following definitions shall apply to the specific terms used in these rules:

"Assessment" means the ongoing process of identifying a diagnosis, ruling out other diagnoses, and determining the level of care needed by the client.

"Course for drinking drivers " means an approved course designed to inform the offender about drinking and driving and to encourage the offender to assess the offender's own drinking and driving behavior in order to select practical alternatives. Enrollment in the course is not limited to persons ordered to enroll, attend, and successfully complete the course required under Iowa Code sections 321J.1 and 321J.17. However, any person under the age of 18 who is required to attend the course for violation of Iowa Code section 32IJ.2 or 321J.17 must attend a course offered by a substance abuse treatment program licensed under Iowa Code chapter 125. Any instructional course for drinking drivers shall be approved by the department of education in consultation with the community colleges and substance abuse treatment programs licensed under Iowa Code chapter 125 and using the course of instruction detailed in 281-21.31 (321J).

"Department" means the Iowa department of public health.

"Evaluation " means the process to evaluate the client's strengths, weaknesses, problems, and needs for the purpose of defining a course of treatment. This includes use of a standardized placement screening and any additional patient/client profile information, and recommendation to an appropriate level of care.

"HIPAA " means the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

"Licensed" means issuance of a license by the department and the state board of health, which validates the licensee's compliance with substance abuse program standards and authorizes the licensee to operate a substance abuse program in the state of Iowa.

"Posttreatment" means continuing care after primary treatment has been completed.

"Primary treatment" means substance abuse treatment modality including inpatient, primary residential treatment, extended residential treatment, medically monitored residential, extended outpatient, intensive outpatient, and partial hospitalization.

"Program " means any individual, partnership, corporation, association, governmental subdivision or public or private organization.

"Qualifying program " means a program which has a contract with the state of Iowa or the state's contracted managed care entity to provide substance abuse treatment using a sliding fee scale.

"Satisfactory completion of the drinking drivers course" means receiving at the completion of the course a grade from the course instructor of "C" or "2.0," or better.

"Screening" means the process by which a client/patient is determined at risk and in need of further evaluation. The focus is on the minimum criteria necessary for appropriateness/eligibility.

"Substance abuser " means a person who lacks self-control as to the use of chemical substances or uses chemical substances to the extent that the person's health is substantially impaired or endangered or that the person's social or economic function is substantially disrupted.

"Treatment" means the broad range of planned and continuing, inpatient, outpatient, residential care services, including diagnostic evaluation, counseling, medical, psychiatric, psychological, and social service care, which may be extended to substance abusers, concerned persons, concerned family members, or significant others, and which is geared toward influencing the behavior of such individuals to achieve a state of rehabilitation.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 641-157.1

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