Iowa Admin. Code r. 641-22.6 - Procedures

(1) Each tattoo establishment shall establish a written standard operating procedure (SOP), which shall include the process for setup and tear down of tattoo procedures. The SOP shall focus on procedures of hygiene and cross-contamination control.
(2) For privacy purposes and at the patron's request, there shall be in place or readily available a panel or other barrier of sufficient height and width to effectively separate the patron from any unwanted observers or waiting patrons. Panels or other barriers shall be nontransparent and may be fixed or movable, rigid or flexible.
(3) Tattoo artists shall scrub their hands thoroughly before beginning the tattoo procedure. Tattoo artists shall dry their hands with individual single-use towels or hand dryer.
(4) Tattoo artists shall wear clean garments when performing tattoo procedures. Tattoo artists shall wear disposable latex, nitrile, chloroprene, or vinyl gloves during the tattoo procedure. Gloves shall be changed after each tattoo. Tattoo artists shall wash their hands before and after each tattoo procedure.
(5) All items with which the gloved hands of the tattoo artist would normally come into contact during the tattooing procedure shall have appropriate barrier films covering them. These items include, but are not limited to, clip cords, squeeze bottles, seat adjustment controls, power control dials or buttons, and work lamps.
(6) The skin area to be tattooed shall first be cleansed with soap and water. Single-use towels or sponges (gauze) shall be used during the cleansing procedure.
(7) Before placing the tattoo design on the patron's skin, the tattoo artist shall prepare the skin with 70 percent ethyl or isopropyl alcohol solution or an equally effective antiseptic or antimicrobial.
(8) Tattooing shall not be performed on any area where there is evidence of skin infection, irritation, or abnormalities.
(9) After the tattooing is completed, the tattoo artist shall:
a. Apply an adequate dressing or bandage to the tattoo area.
b. Provide to the persons tattooed printed aftercare instructions regarding tattoo care during the healing process.
c. Thoroughly clean the machine head with an acceptable disinfectant and spray an acceptable surface disinfectant over the work area during the clean-up procedures before the area is set up for the next tattoo procedure.


Iowa Admin. Code r. 641-22.6
ARC 7982B, lAB 7/29/09, effective 1/1/10 Amended by IAB August 3, 2016/Volume XXXIX, Number 03, effective 9/7/2016

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