Kan. Admin. Regs. § 112-11-19 - Race track safety standards, horse race meets

Current through Register Vol. 41, No. 14, April 7, 2022

(a) Unless excused by the commission for good cause, each organization licensee shall meet the following race track standards at horse race meets.
(1) Each racing surface shall have inner and outer rails.
(2) Each rail shall:
(A) Be constructed of a material that will bear the impact of a horse without breaking away;
(B) be maintained at a height that measures 40" from the top of the cushion to the top of the rail;
(C) be bolted or welded to the rail posts; and
(D) have a smooth surface.
(3) Each rail post upon which inner and outer rails are mounted shall:
(A) Be set in concrete at least 6" below the race track surface and at least 24" deep; and
(B) have a continuous smooth cover over the posts.
(4) Each gate opening in a rail, including the gap, shall:
(A) Have the same appearance as the rest of the rail;
(B) be less than 10 feet in length unless it has a center support;
(C) have a top gate rail that is secured to the top of the rail for which the gate provides an opening;
(D) except for "on" and "off" gates during training, be closed during racing and training; and
(E) if an "on" or "off" gate, be placed at 50-feet intervals.
(5) Each starting gate used for morning schooling shall be placed far enough from the "on" and "off" gates so that horses entering and leaving the track will not interfere with or distract horses in schooling or breaking from the gate.
(b) Each distance pole marker, electrical box, timer, starters' stand, patrol judges' stand or other obstacle or device shall be placed more than 15 feet from the back of the bottom of the rail post.
(c) Each drainage ditch or hole within 15 feet of the back of the bottom of the inside rail shall be covered with a soft material installed level with the ground surface that will not allow a horse or jockey to fall below the level of the ground surface.
(d) Each race track lighting system for nighttime racing shall have an operational emergency generator back-up system that is serviced and tested at least once each month during the race meet. The results of each test shall be documented in a written report that shall be submitted to the commission within 24 hours.
(e) Each organization licensee that has 21 or more race days per year shall have a safety committee.
(1) Each safety committee shall be made up of two representatives from the management of the organization licensee, two representatives from the jockeys riding at the track, two representatives from the "horsemen" registered in the race track office and at least one of the stewards.
(2) Each safety committee shall identify unsafe conditions at the race track facility and recommend remedies in writing to the organization licensee, the executive director and the commission.
(f) For each scheduled race, the starting gate shall be placed at an approximately equal distance from the outside rail and the inside rail.


Kan. Admin. Regs. § 112-11-19
Authorized by K.S.A. 1987 Supp. 74-8804, as amended by L. 1988, Ch. 315, Sec. 3; implementing K.S.A. 1987 Supp. 74-8804, as amended by L. 1988, Ch. 315, Sec. 3, K.S.A. 74-8813, as amended by L. 1988, Ch. 319, Sec. 1; effective, T-112-2-23-89, Feb. 23, 1989; effective June 19, 1989.

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