Kan. Admin. Regs. § 5-21-1 - Definitions

Current through Register Vol. 41, No. 14, April 7, 2022

As used in these rules and regulations, the following words and phrases shall have the meaning ascribed to them in this section.

(a) "Aquifer" means a geologic water-bearing formation that will yield considerable quantities of water to wells and springs.
(b) "Board" means the board of directors constituting the governing body of the western Kansas groundwater management district no. 1.
(c) "Chief engineer" means the chief engineer of the division of water resources of the Kansas state board of agriculture.
(d) "District" means the western Kansas groundwater management district no. 1.
(e) "Authorized representative of the board" means an individual designated by the board to perform duties and functions on its behalf.
(f) "Groundwater" means water below the surface of the earth.
(g) "Substantially" means within 300 feet of the approved location, but in no case closer to other wells than the minimum spacing requirements allow.
(h) "Tailwater" means that portion of the irrigation water applied which appears as run-off from the authorized place of use.
(i) "Tailwater re-use system" means a facility to collect, store and transport irrigation tailwater for reapplication to the authorized place of use.
(j) "Unconsolidated aquifer" means unconsolidated deposits that will yield water in a sufficient quantity to supply pumping wells and springs.
(k) "Waste of water" means any act or omission which causes:
(1) groundwater to be diverted or withdrawn from a source of supply and not used, managed or reapplied to a beneficial use on or in connection with land authorized as the place of use by a vested right, an appropriation right or an approved application for permit to appropriate water for beneficial use;
(2) the unreasonable deterioration of the quality of water in any source of supply thereby causing impairment of a person's right to the use of water;
(3) groundwater intended for irrigation use to escape and drain from the authorized place of use; or
(4) groundwater to be applied to an authorized beneficial use in excess of the needs for such use.
(l) "Well" means any excavation that is drilled, cored, bored, washed, driven, dug or otherwise constructed when the intended use of such excavation is for the acquisition, diversion, or artificial recharge of groundwater.


Kan. Admin. Regs. § 5-21-1
Authorized by K.S.A. 82a-1028(o); effective May 1, 1979; amended May 23, 1994.

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