Kan. Admin. Regs. § 60-7-101 - Licensure

(a) The applicant shall file with the board one month preceding the examination a completed application on an adopted form with payment of the application and examination fees prescribed by K.A.R. 60-8-101.
(b) Verification of current Kansas license shall be provided by request to other state boards upon payment of fee.
(c) Information regarding examinations.
(1) The examination for licensure shall be given at least twice a year.
(2) Each candidate shall present a validated admission card in order to be admitted to the examination center.
(3) Any applicant cheating or attempting to cheat during the examination shall be deemed not to have passed the examination.
(4) In the event that answer sheets are lost or destroyed through circumstances beyond the control of the board, the candidate shall be required to retake the examination in order to meet requirements for licensure, except that no additional charge shall be made.
(5) Individual examination results shall be released to the school from which the examinee graduated.
(6) Any candidate requesting modifications to the examination procedures or materials because of a learning disability shall provide written documentation from the appropriate medical professional confirming the learning disability, an evaluation completed within the last five years by a learning disabilities evaluation team, and a letter from the mental health technician program confirming the learning and testing modifications made during the course of study.
(d) Application for retest. An applicant who fails to make a passing score on the licensure examination may retake the examination and shall pay an examination fee for each retest as established by K.A.R. 60-8-101.
(e) If an individual fails to pass the licensure examination within 24 months from graduation, the individual shall petition the board in writing before being allowed to retake the licensure examination. The petition shall be on a form provided by the board and shall contain the following:
(1) The name of the school of graduation;
(2) the date of graduation;
(3) the number of months or years since graduation;
(4) the number of times taking the licensure examination;
(5) the dates of the licensure examinations;
(6) areas of deficiency identified on the diagnostic profile for each examination;
(7) copies of all diagnostic profiles;
(8) any study completed since the last attempt of taking the licensure examination;
(9) any work experience in the last two years; and
(10) a sworn statement by the petitioner that the facts contained in the petition are true to the best of the person's knowledge and belief.
(f) An individual shall be allowed by the board to retake the licensure examination after 24 months from graduation only upon demonstrating to the board's satisfaction that the individual has identified and addressed the reasons for prior failure and that there is a reasonable probability that the individual will pass the examination. A plan of study may be required by the board before the individual retakes the licensure examination.
(g) If the board requires a plan of study before retaking the licensure examination, the plan shall contain the following:
(1) A list of all the low performance competencies of the test plan identified by the diagnostic profile from each examination;
(2) a specific content outline for all the low performance competencies on the diagnostic profile;
(3) methods of study, including the following:
(A) Self-study;
(B) study groups;
(C) tutors; or
(D) any other methods as approved by the board;
(4) a schedule for study that meets the following requirements:
(A) 30 hours per each low performance competency;
(B) a start date; and
(C) completion in six months or the petition shall be considered abandoned;
(5) learning resources identified to be used in the study, meeting these requirements:
(A) a written bibliography in a standard documentation format, with resources no more than five years old; and
(B) four types for each low performance competency selected from the list as follows:
(i) Textbooks;
(ii) journals;
(iii) review books;
(iv) audiovisuals;
(v) computer-assisted instruction; or
(vi) computer review programs.
(h) A registered professional nurse shall provide written verification that the individual has completed a study plan.
(i) Academic mental health technician courses, clinical observations, or other learning activities to meet study requirements may also be prescribed by the board.


Kan. Admin. Regs. § 60-7-101
Authorized by K.S.A. 1997 Supp. 65-4203 and 1997 Supp. 74-1106; implementing K.S.A. 1997 Supp. 65-4203; modified, L. 1975, Ch. 302, Sec. 8, May 1, 1975; amended Jan. 29, 1999.

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