Kan. Admin. Regs. § 128-4a-1 - Inspector

Current through Register Vol. 40, No. 39, September 30, 2021

(a) One or more inspectors shall be assigned by the commission to each contest and each professional wrestling event to supervise the sale of tickets, to verify the counting of receipts, to enforce the act and these regulations to the extent that they apply, and to perform other duties as specified by these regulations. The duties of an inspector may be performed by one or more members of the commission.
(b) For each contest, all contestants, promoters, and officials shall be under the direction of the commission and its inspectors at all times.
(c) Direct or indirect financial interest in any contest, performance, or contestant by any licensee or by any employee of the commission, including any inspector, shall be prohibited. The inspector shall ensure that as each person admitted to a contest or performance hands the ticket taker an admission ticket, pass, or complimentary ticket, the ticket taker immediately deposits the ticket or pass in a securely locked box. The locked box may be opened only in the presence of an inspector, who shall ensure that all tickets and passes are carefully counted and reported to the commission, along with the price of admission charged for each type of ticket, the number of tickets exchanged and the value of each exchanged ticket, and the gross receipts from all ticket sales and exchanges.
(d) Before the start of each contest, each contestant, promoter, and official shall present to the inspector a valid license issued by the commission to that contestant, promoter, or official. If a contestant, promoter, or official does not have a current license issued by the commission, that contestant, promoter, or official shall not participate in the contest until a complete application and the applicable fee have been submitted to the commission and the appropriate license has been issued by the commission.
(e) An inspector shall be admitted to the dressing rooms at the designated time for weighing in contestants and inspecting all equipment. The inspector shall examine and approve each hand wrapping placed on a contestant.
(f) Pursuant to K.A.R. 128-4-7(c), the chief inspector shall provide an interpretation of the application of the act or these regulations, or both, with respect to any disputed issue.
(g) Pursuant to K.A.R. 128-4-7(d), if there are no regulations in place that address a particular set of circumstances during a contest, the chief inspector assigned to the contest shall decide how the contest is to be conducted under those circumstances. The chief inspector shall advise the referee of the inspector's decision, and the referee shall carry out the referee's duties in accordance with the chief inspector's decision. The decision of the chief inspector shall be final.
(h) No licensee shall interfere with the inspector's duties, make threats of physical harm towards the inspector, or use foul language that is directed towards the inspector.


Kan. Admin. Regs. § 128-4a-1
Authorized by K.S.A. 2007 Supp. 74-50,187; implementing K.S.A. 2007 Supp. 74-50,186 and 74-50,187; effective April 4, 2008.

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