Kan. Admin. Regs. § 17-15-1 - Records; retention period

Current through Register Vol. 40, No. 39, September 30, 2021

Each bank or trust company shall retain the following records for the periods indicated:



Attachments and/or garnishments 2 years after close

NOTE: Legal documents and copies of returns and correspondence should be filed after case closed with general correspondence.

Bank examiner's reports 5 years

NOTE: These are the property of the supervisory authorities, whose approval should be obtained prior to destruction.

Charged-off asset records Permanent

Court case records (foreclosed real estate, etc.)

2 years after close

Insurance records

(a) Schedules of fire and other insurance, also records of premium payments and of amounts recovered. 3 years

(b) Casualty liability policies expired--P.L. & P.D., O.L. & T., etc. 2 years

(c) Windstorm, fire, theft, etc., policies expired 2 years

(d) Bankers Blanket Bonds 6 years

Minute books of meetings (stockholders, directors, committees, etc.) Permanent


Accrual and bond amortization records . . 1 year

Audit reports 3 years

Audit work papers 3 years

Bank Call Reports 5 years

Budget work sheets Optional

Consolidated financial statements 5 years

Daily reserve computation 1 year

Difference record 2 years

Income and dividend report 5 years

Reconcilements of bank (due to) deposits 1 year

Reconcilements register (due from) 1 year

Reports to directors 5 years

Reports to executive committee 5 years

Securities vault "in and out" tickets 1 year

Tax records 7 years

NOTE: Copies of schedules and returns to taxing authorities for tax purposes, notices of assessment by taxing authorities and documentary proceedings in appeal therefrom.


Capital stock certificates, records of, or stubs of Permanent

Capital stock ledger Permanent

Dividend checks 5 years after paid

Dividend register 5 years after all checks are paid

Proxies 3 years

Receipts for stock certificates Permanent

NOTE: Where bank secures a receipt it is recommended that it be affixed to stub of certificate book.


Certificates 5 years after paid

Ledger cards 2 years after close

Register 2 years


Account Analysis

Analysis work sheets or cards 1 year

Average balance cards Optional

Interest computation records Optional

Service charge records Optional

Bookkeepers' daily lists of checks charged in total (short lists) 1 year

Check book orders Optional

Checks paid (Microfilm copy-front and back) 5 years

Copies of advices of deposit 1 year

Daily report of overdrafts Optional

Deposit tickets 5 years

NOTE: Return with statement after microfilm

Individual ledgers 5 years after last entry

Individual ledger journals 1 year

Partnership agreement and authority 5 years

Reports of accounts opened and closed .. Optional

Resolutions 5 years after close

Signature cards 5 years after close

Statement mailing order 2 years after close

Statement stubs

(a) If accounts are analyzed direct from statement stubs, the stubs should be retained in lieu of work sheets or cards 2 years

(b) If microfilm is used as a ledger record, stubs should be retained Optional

Statements--Microfilm copy 5 years

Stop payment orders 1 year

Undelivered statements and cancelled checks 5 years


Checks (cancelled) 1 year after paid

Check register 1 year

Coupons (deposit tickets) 1 year

Journal Optional

Ledger cards or sheets 1 year

Pass books Cancel by perforation and return to customer or take up book and destroy.

Signature cards 1 year

Trial balances Optional

Withdrawal receipts 1 year


Collection receipts, carbons of 2 years

Collection register 2 years

Coupon cash letters, outgoing 1 year

Coupon envelopes Optional

Customers' file copies 1 year

Department blotters 2 years

Incoming collection letters 1 year

Installment contract or note records 2 years after close


Collateral cards Optional

Collateral receipts 5 years

Collateral register 5 years

Credit files (closed) 5 years

Daily reports Optional

Debit and credit tickets 1 year


(a) If the journal is a by product of posting the liability ledger Optional

(b) If the journal is used as book of original entry, with descriptions 5 years

Liability ledger 5 years

Loan applications 5 years

Loan committee minutes 5 years

Margin cards Optional

Note or discount register

(a) If the register is a by product of posting the liability ledger Optional

(b) If the register is used as a book of original entry, with description 5 years

Note and discount tickler Optional

Receipts for coupons removed from collateral 5 years

Resolutions 5 years

Statement of borrower under federal regulations (Regulations U, W, Z, etc.) 5 years


Borrowers' statements 5 years

Correspondence, general 3 years

Coupons, loan deposits 1 year

Coupons, loan payments 1 year

Credit applications (closed or rejected) . 5 years

Credit folders containing applications, etc. 5 years after close

Disbursement vouchers, cash receipts . . 5 years after close

Loan deposit ledger cards 5 years after close

Loan ledger cards 5 years after close

Loans made journal 5 years

Loan paid journal 2 years

Note and Disclosure Statements 4 years from the date of transaction or 2 years from the date of final entry, whichever is later.

Note or discount tickler Optional

Note register 2 years

Rebate receipts 1 year after close

Resolutions 5 years after close

Trial balances Optional


Brokers' confirmations 3 years

Brokers' invoices 3 years

Brokers' statements 3 years

Night depository agreement 1 year after close

Night depository receipts 1 year after close

Safekeeping records and receipts 5 years after close

Securities buy and sell orders 2 years


Advices from correspondents 1 year

Bank statements 5 years

Drafts 5 years after paid

Draft register 5 years

NOTE: Affidavits, bonds of indemnity, and all pertinent information pertaining to issuance of duplicate checks 5 years after paid

Reconcilements register 1 year


Copies of advices 1 year

Country bank ledger 5 years

Incoming cash letter memos for credit 1 year

Incoming cash letters for remittance 1 year

Proof sheets 1 year

Reconcilement verification 1 year

Reconcilement register 1 year

Reports of accounts, opened and closed 6 months

Resolutions 5 years after close

Signature cards 5 years after close

Trial balances 1 year

Undelivered statements and cancelled checks 5 years


Applications for travelers checks 1 year

Central file cards Optional

Change-of-address orders Optional

Check book orders Optional

Code books (not returned) Destroy

General correspondence 3 years

Incoming mail envelopes Optional

Paid bills, statements and invoices 5 years

Protest notices 1 year

Receipts for check books Optional

Requisition for supplies Optional

Stenographers notebooks and mechanical device records; extra copies of letters if other copies are retained Optional

Telegram, cable and radiogram copies 3 years

Vault records, openings and closings 1 year

Wire transfer debit and credit entries 1 year


Daily statement of condition Permanent

General journal

(a) If the journal is a byproduct of posting the general ledger 1 month

(b) If the journal is used as book of original entry, with descriptions 5 years

General ledger sheets Permanent

General ledger tickets (debits and credits) 5 years


Cable copies 5 years

Cable requisitions 5 years

Foreign collection register 5 years

Foreign draft applications 5 years

Foreign exchange remittance sheets or books 5 years after issue

Foreign mail transfer applications 5 years

Foreign mail transfer carbons 5 years

Letter of credit applications 5 years

Letter of credit ledger sheets 5 years

Travelers check applications 2 years

Travelers check register 2 years


Bond ledger sheets 5 years

Brokers' confirmations 2 years

Brokers' invoices 2 years

Brokers' statements 3 years

Descriptive literature on securities disposed of 2 years


Carbon copy official check register 1 month after paid

Cashier checks 5 years after paid

Certified checks or receipts 5 years after paid

NOTE: If not delivered or returned to depositor, photograph and destroy checks and then retain film.

Certified check register 5 years

Drafts (cancelled) 5 years after paid

Expense checks (cancelled) 3 years after paid

Expense vouchers or invoices 6 years

Money orders, bank or personal 5 years

Money order registers 2 years

Receipts for certified checks 5 years after date


(a) If all information including name of purchase is recorded on register Optional

(b) If no detail is transcribed on register 5 years


Attendance record 3 years

Records of employees:

Application for employment, reference records, reports and certificates of examination, service records, efficiency tests and other similar data 6 years after termination

Application of those not employed 6 years

Salary ledger 3 years

Salary receipts 3 years

NOTE: Retain final receipt in personnel folder.


Clearinghouse settlements sheets 3 months

Copies of advices of corrections 6 months

Department or tellers' proof sheets 6 months

Deposit proof sheets or tapes 1 year

Inclearings envelopes, proof sheets or tapes 1 year

Microfilm 2 years

Outclearings proof sheets or tapes 6 months

Outgoing cash letters, transit 6 months

Proof sheets, transit 6 months


Journal (debits and credits) 2 years

Ledger cards 5 years

Loan credit files 5 years after close

Mortgage credits 1 year

Remittances 1 year

Tellers' blotter 2 years


Marine insurance books 3 years

Registered mail (incoming) record 3 years

Registered mail (outgoing) record 3 years

Return receipt cards 3 years


Access tickets 2 years

Cancelled signature cards 2 years after close

Copies of rent receipts 2 years

Correspondence 2 years after close

Leases or contracts, close accounts 2 years after close

Ledger record of account Optional


Withdrawals 5 years

Deposits 5 years

Journal 1 year

Ledger cards or sheets 5 years after last entry

Window bookkeeping machine control tapes 1 year

Pass books Destroy

Reports of accounts, opened and closed Optional

Resolutions 5 years after close

Signature cards 5 years after close

Trial balances, nonautomated Optional

Trial balances, automated

(a) If statement or account history record retained Optional

(b) If no alternative record 5 years

Withdrawal affidavits 3 years


Cash item record 1 year

Return item register 1 year

Tellers' cash books Optional

Tellers' cash tickets, originals and carbon copies 1 month

Tellers' recapitulation 1 month

Tellers' machine tapes 1 month

Tellers' blotter, journal or proof 2 years

Tellers' exchange tickets 3 months


Advices of payment

Securities department bond and coupon collections 1 year

Amortization schedules Destroy when securities are disposed of

Buy and sell orders 1 year

Cancelled bonds and cancelled coupons . Return to issuing corporation or cremate, retaining receipt or cremation certificate until account is closed

Cash trial balances 6 months

Corporate trust ledger 7 years


Corporate trust (bond issues) 3 years

Dividend 3 years

General 3 years

Irregular transfers 3 years

Cost cards, securities 5 years

Coupon collections records 18 months

Coupon envelopes Optional

Daily statement of trust department 5 years

Dividend check tapes (adding machine) Optional

Dividend record cards (closed) 5 years

Dividend and coupon ledger Until closed

Dividend and interest disbursement checks 5 years

Dividend and interest disbursement list Optional

Document files Until closed

Fee cards Until closed

Journal sheets, accounting division and stock transfer 5 years

Ledger records: asset ledger, cash ledger, investment ledger, stock transfer ledger and mutual income foundation 5 years after close

Listing for Form 1099 1 year after filing

Minute books, trust committee and trust investment committee Permanent

Original trust entries (daily debits and credits and multiple forms) 2 years

Paid invoices: tradesman, professional (excluding attorney) and miscellaneous 3 years

NOTE: In probate accounts retain three years after expiration of time of appeal from order closing account

Probate slips Destroy original when account is closed. Destroy duplicate after circulation.

Registered mail report 3 years

Registration journals Until closed

Rent collection, mortgage and land contract collection (file accountant's copy) 5 years

Signature files Until closed

Stock transfer change-of-address authority 1 year

Stock transfer memos 1 year

Stock transfer receipts 3 years

Stockholders list Optional

Supporting papers to transfers 10 years

NOTE: Except recorded instruments and agreement from banks--return to transferor.

Surety bonds 10 years

Tax returns

Ad valorem tax returns 5 years after filing

Estate tax returns 15 years after filing

Federal and state income tax returns 15 years after filing

Intangible tax returns 5 years after filing

Social security returns 5 years after filing

Tellers' daily blotter 18 months

Transfer instructions 5 years

Transfer journal tapes 2 years

Transfer tax waivers Until closed

Trust checks Until closed

Trust register Until closed

Vouchers, probate trust 3 years after expiration of time of appeal from order closing account.



Trial balance 1 month

Conversion (initial entry) run * 2 years (or 3 months)

Transaction journal * 2 years (or 3 months)

Master file change 6 months

New and closed accounts 3 months

Unposted items 3 months

Zero balances 1 month

Large balance changes 1 month

Overdrafts 3 months

Stop payments 6 months

Service charges 1 month

Uncollected funds 1 month

Customer statement 5 years


Daily transactions journal 6 months

Daily transactions list of accounts active since last trial 1 week

Exception report 1 year

Closed accounts, control 6 months

Current active accounts 3 years

Annual statistical analysis Optional

Interest report 6 months

1099 listing, summary Optional

Opened and closed accounts 6 months

Trial balance Optional (if statement or account history retained, otherwise 5 years)

Savings statement-microfilm 5 years


Daily payment journal 2 years

Trial balance (if only complete history on borrower) 5 years

New loan report 2 years

Loan paid report 2 years

Past-due report Optional


Kan. Admin. Regs. § 17-15-1
Authorized by K.S.A. 9-1713; implementing K.S.A. 9-1701; effective May 1, 1978; amended Jan. 27, 1992; amended April 19, 1993.

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