Kan. Admin. Regs. § 28-4-275 - Health care

Current through Register Vol. 40, No. 39, September 30, 2021

(a) General health policies.
(1) Smoking shall be confined to designated smoking areas in the facility.
(2) Alcohol or non-prescribed controlled substances, as defined in K.S.A. 65-4101 and any amendments to it, shall not be consumed by any resident, by any staff person while on duty, or by any staff person in the presence of residents.
(1) The licensee, in consultation with a physician or community health nurse, shall develop written policies for implementing the health program in the following areas:
(A) Health examination for residents and staff;
(B) continuing health care;
(C) dental examination and follow-up dental care;
(D) corrections of medical problems;
(E) special examinations such as vision, hearing and neurological exams;
(F) care of minor illness including use of non-prescription drugs; and
(G) consultation for the individual child when indicated.
(A) Use of sharp or dangerous instruments and tools by residents shall be supervised by staff.
(B) Firearms and ammunition, and household poisons and other hazardous substances shall be in locked storage.
(C) Internal and external medications shall be in separate locked storage in a supervised location.
(3) Each prescription medicine shall have the name of the individual recipient and the physician, and shall show the dosage and time. A record shall be kept in the resident's file as to who gave the medication and when it was given. Each unused or expired medication shall be safely discarded.
(4) Medications requiring refrigeration shall be labeled and kept in locked storage in the refrigerator.
(c) Physical health of residents and children of staff.
(1) Physical health.
(A) A health assessment for each resident and for each child of a staff member shall be obtained within six months prior to or not more than 30 days after admission of the resident or employment of the parent. The assessment shall be conducted by a licensed physician or by a nurse approved by the Kansas department of health and environment to conduct the assessment.
(B) Health assessments shall be required annually for residents to age six and every three years for residents over the age of six. Results of the health assessment shall be recorded on forms supplied by the Kansas department of health and environment.
(C) Each person under 16 years of age who lives in the facility shall have current immunizations according to the schedule recommended by the center for disease control.
(2) Health care.
(A) A current health record shall be kept for each resident. The record shall include pertinent information about health status, developmental progress, and special needs, with appropriate plans to meet these needs.
(B) The staff shall update the health information as determined by the program's specific health policies and use the information as a basis for review and evaluation of the resident's health status.
(3) Residents in emergency care shall be exempt from K.A.R. 28-4-275(c)(1) and (2).
(4) Each child care staff member shall be trained in observation of symptoms of illness, in elementary principles of first aid, and accident prevention.
(5) The staff of the facility shall obtain immediate medical treatment for any resident who is seriously injured or ill, and shall notify the placing agent, the parent, as dictated by the care plan, and the local health department of the injury or illness as soon as possible.
(6) Staff members, as required by law, shall report any evidence of suspected child abuse or neglect of residents to the Kansas state department of social and rehabilitation services, or the appropriate law enforcement agency when Kansas state department of social and rehabilitation services offices are closed.
(d) Dental health of residents.
(1) A pre-admission dental examination obtained within a year prior to or within 60 days after admission shall be required for each resident except residents in emergency care.
(2) Follow-up dental correction shall be provided, and shall be noted in the resident's file.
(3) The facility staff shall develop plans for dental health education and supervise the residents in the practice of good oral hygiene.


Kan. Admin. Regs. § 28-4-275
Authorized by and implementing K.S.A. 65-508; effective May 1, 1986; amended May 1, 1987.

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