Kan. Admin. Regs. § 28-4-423 - Physical plant

Current through Register Vol. 40, No. 39, September 30, 2021

(a) Premises.
(1) The building shall meet the legal requirements of the community as to fire protection, water supply, and sewage disposal.
(2) The designated area for children's activities shall contain a minimum of thirty-five square feet of floor space per child, exclusive of kitchen, passageways, storage areas, and bathrooms.
(3) The building shall have two exits approved by a fire inspector. One exit shall lead directly to the outside.
(4) Second floors approved by a fire inspector may be used for children 2 1/2 years or over. Second-floor windows shall be guarded.
(5) Finished basements approved by a fire inspector may be used for children 2 1/2 years or older. Basements shall be dry and well-ventilated, heated and cooled as specified in paragraph (a)(20) of this regulation, and lighted as specified in paragraph (a)(18) of this regulation.
(6) When mobile classroom units are used, they shall be securely anchored to the ground and shall meet all requirements for permanent structures.
(7) All stairs which have more than two steps shall be provided with sturdy handrails. When balusters are more than four inches apart, provisions shall be made to prevent a child's head or body from falling through.
(8) Landings or gates shall be provided beyond each exterior door, and any door opening onto a full-length stairway.
(9) Ceiling height shall be not less than seven feet, six inches.
(10) Windows and doors.
(A) Each window and glass door shall be screened or guarded.
(B) Each window and door opened for ventilation shall be screened.
(11) Floors shall be smooth and not slippery, free from cracks, clean and in good condition. A floor covering shall be required over concrete.
(12) Carpeting shall be clean and in good repair. Newly-installed carpeting shall meet fire safety requirements of the state fire marshal.
(13) Walls shall be clean and free of cracks.
(14) All surfaces shall be free of toxic materials.
(15) Electrical outlets within the reach of children under five years of age shall be provided with receptacle covers when not in use.
(16) Extension cords shall not be used.
(17) Each room occupied by children shall have a minimum of 20 foot candles of light in all parts of the room. Each sleeping room shall be lighted to allow freedom of movement.
(18) The premises shall be maintained in good condition and shall be clean at all times, free from accumulated dirt and trash, and any evidence of vermin or rodent infestation. Each outdoor trash and garbage container shall be covered, and the contents shall be removed at least weekly.
(19) Each room occupied by the children shall be heated, ventilated and cooled. The temperature in each room shall not be less than 65° F. nor more than 90° F. Each area occupied by children shall be free of drafts.
(20) Each electric fan if used, shall be mounted high on the wall or shall be guarded.
(21) When a gas heater is used, it shall be approved by a fire inspector before use. Open-faced heaters shall be prohibited.
(22) All heating elements, including hot water pipes, shall be insulated or installed in such a way that children cannot come in contact with them. Asbestos insulation shall not be used. Fireplaces shall not be used when children are present.
(23) Medicines, household poisons, and other dangerous substances and instruments shall be in locked storage.
(24) Storage of firearms in any area used for children's activities shall be prohibited. Firearms stored in any other area of the premises shall be in locked storage, or shall be equipped with trigger locks.
(b) Water supply.
(1) The water supply shall be from a source approved by a health department, or by the Kansas department of health and environment.
(2) Sanitary drinking facilities shall be available to children while indoors or outdoors. One of the following methods shall be used:
(A) Individual disposable cups and a water dispenser;
(B) individually-marked glasses or cups which shall be washed daily; or
(C) a fountain designed so that a child can get a drink of water without assistance.
(3) Drinking fountains shall not be plumbed to sinks.
(4) Water from drinking fountains shall be under pressure so that the stream is not less than three inches high.
(5) Cold water and hot water not exceeding 110° F. shall be supplied to lavatory fixtures accessible to children.
(c) Toilet and lavatory facilities.
(1) All plumbing fixtures and building sewers shall be connected to public sewers where available.
(2) When a public sewer is not available, a private sewage disposal system meeting requirements of the county health department or the Kansas department of health and environment shall be installed and connected to all plumbing fixtures.
(3) Plumbing shall be installed and maintained according to local and state plumbing codes.
(4) Bathroom facilities shall be readily accessible to the children, and shall be placed low or be provided with safety steps.
(5) There shall be one toilet and one washbasin for each fifteen children.
(6) Bathroom facilities shall be planned to assure privacy for staff.
(7) Soap, individual cloth towels or paper towels, and toilet paper shall be provided. The use of common towels and wash cloths shall be prohibited. When cloth towels and wash cloths are used, they shall be labeled with the child's name, and laundered at least weekly.


Kan. Admin. Regs. § 28-4-423
Authorized by and implementing K.S.A. 65-508; effective May 1, 1983; amended May 1, 1985.

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