Kan. Admin. Regs. § 28-4-818 - Storage and administration of medication

Current through Register Vol. 40, No. 39, September 30, 2021

(a) Storage of medication. Each licensee shall ensure that all prescription and nonprescription medication is kept in the original container at the recommended temperature in accordance with the instructions on the label and, except as specified in paragraph (e)(4), in locked storage and inaccessible to children.
(b) Nonprescription medication.
(1) When nonprescription medication is administered to any child in foster care, each caregiver shall administer the medication from the original container and according to instructions on the label.
(2) Substances including herbal supplements, folk remedies, natural medicines, and vitamin supplements other than a daily multivitamin shall be administered only with documented approval by a licensed medical practitioner.
(c) Prescription medication. When prescription medication is administered to a child in foster care, each licensee shall ensure compliance with the following requirements:
(1) Prescription medication shall be administered only to the designated child and in accordance with instructions on the label.
(2) Each prescription medication shall be kept in the original container labeled by a pharmacist with the following information:
(A) The first and last name of the child;
(B) the date the prescription was filled;
(C) the name of the licensed physician who wrote or approved the prescription;
(D) the expiration date of the medication; and
(E) specific, legible instructions for administration and storage of the medication.
(3) The instructions on each label shall be considered the order from the licensed physician.
(4) If a daily or weekly medication container is used for a child in foster care, all of the following requirements shall be met:
(A) The medication container shall be labeled with the child's name.
(B) The medication container shall be used only for medications that are not affected by exposure to air or light and that can touch other medications without affecting the efficacy of any of the medications.
(C) The medications shall be placed in the medication container by the licensee.
(D) Each dose shall be placed in the medication container according to the correct time of day.
(E) The medication container shall be kept in locked storage.
(F) The remainder of each of the child's medications shall be stored in the respective original container until the prescription is completed or discontinued.
(G) If any child in foster care is required to receive medication during a visit or during any absence from the foster home, all medication sent for the child shall be in containers that meet the requirements of paragraph (c)(2) and shall be given to the individual taking responsibility for the child.
(H) When a child in foster care moves from the family foster home, all current medications shall be in the individual original containers and shall be given to the individual taking responsibility for the child.
(I) At no time shall any medication be in the possession of a child in foster care, except as specified in paragraph (e)(4).
(d) Requirements for administering prescription and nonprescription medication.
(1) Before administering medication, each licensee shall receive training in medication administration as specified in K.A.R. 28-4-806. Each licensee shall ensure that each individual administering medication knows the purpose, side effects, and possible contraindications of each medication.
(A) For prescription mediations, each caregiver shall record on each child's medication record the following information:
(i) The name of the individual who administered each medication;
(ii) the date and time the medication was given;
(iii) any change in the child's behavior, any response to the medication, or any adverse reaction;
(iv) any change in the administration of the medication from the instructions on the label or a notation about each missed dose; and
(v) any direction from the physician to change the order as written on the label.
(B) Each medication record shall be signed by the caregiver and shall be made a part of the child's medical record.
(e) Self-administration of medication.
(1) Any licensee may permit each child in foster care with a condition requiring prescription medication on a regular basis to self-administer the medication under adult supervision. Each licensee shall obtain written permission for the child to self-administer medication from the licensed physician, licensed physician's assistant, or advanced registered nurse practitioner treating the child's condition.
(2) Written permission for self-administration of medication shall be kept in the child's file at the family foster home.
(3) Self-administration of each medication shall follow the procedures specified in paragraph (b)(2).
(4) Each child in foster care who is authorized to selfadminister medication shall have access to the child's medication for self-administration purposes. The child shall have immediate access to medication prescribed for a condition for which timely treatment is a life-preserving requirement. Each child with asthma, allergies, or any other life-threatening condition shall have immediate access to that child's own medication for emergency purposes. Each licensee shall ensure the safe storage of selfadministered medication to prevent unauthorized access by others.
(5) The date and time that each medication was selfadministered shall be recorded on the child's medication record. Any noted adverse reactions shall be documented. Each licensee shall review the record for accuracy and shall check the medication remaining in the container against the expected remaining doses.


Kan. Admin. Regs. § 28-4-818
Authorized by and implementing K.S.A. 65-508; effective March 28, 2008.

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