Kan. Admin. Regs. § 82-3-107 - Preservation of well samples, cores, and logs; penalty

Current through Register Vol. 40, No. 39, September 30, 2021

(a) Each operator drilling or responsible for drilling service wells or drilling or recompleting holes for the purpose of the exploration or production of oil or gas, excluding seismic shot holes, shall preserve and retain samples or drill cuttings, cores, and all other information as required under subsection (d).
(b) All formation samples or drill cuttings normally saved in drilling or recompletion operations and any cores taken shall be retained by the operator for 120 days after the spudding of the well.
(1) Upon request of the Kansas geological survey as specified in paragraph (c)(2), the samples shall be washed and cut into splits or sets. One set shall be placed in labelled sample envelopes and delivered, at the prepaid expense of the operator, to the Kansas geological survey, sample library, Wichita, Kansas. Upon request of the Kansas geological survey, all cores or core longitudinal sections not required by the operator for well evaluation purposes shall be placed in stratigraphic sequence in adequate boxes, labelled with the well name, location, and footage, and delivered, at the prepaid expense of the operator, to the Kansas geological survey, Lawrence, Kansas.
(2) The operator shall be given notice that samples or cores are required by a notice appended to or on a copy of the notice of intention to drill returned to the operator by the conservation division or the Kansas geological survey. Delivery of the processed samples or cores shall be made within 120 days of the spud date or date of commencement of recompletion of the well.
(3) If retention of the core is required by the operator, designated Kansas geological survey staff members shall be provided unrestricted access to the core at the operator's facility during the operator's normal business hours. This access shall be subject to any confidentiality requests made under subsection (e).
(4) Operators in physical possession of cores requested by the Kansas geological survey shall not dispose of the cores without permission of the Kansas geological survey.
(5) If the Kansas geological survey requests samples from portions of the hole that are not normally saved in drilling operations, the operator shall provide these samples. The sample library shall accept all washed and cut samples whether or not they were requested.
(1) The following information shall be delivered to the conservation division, within 120 days of the spud date or date of commencement of recompletion of the well:
(A) A copy of the affidavit of completion;
(B) core analyses;
(C) final drill stem data elements;
(D) recorded drill stem fluid recoveries and charts;
(E) final electric logs;
(F) final radioactivity logs;
(G) similar wireline logs or surveys run by operators on all boreholes, excluding seismic shot holes;
(H) final logs run to obtain geophysical data;
(I) geological well reports; and
(J) if available, final electronic log files in a data format and medium approved by the director, including the following:
(i) A log American standard code for information interchange standard (LAS) file, using version 2.0 or a newer version; and
(ii) an image file.

If electronic log files are available, these files shall be delivered to the conservation division in lieu of the paper logs required by this regulation.

(2) For good cause shown, an extension of 60 days may be granted by the supervisor of the production department or the supervisor's designated agent for the submission of the required information. The request for extension shall be submitted in writing and received before the expiration of the 120-day period.
(3) The conservation division shall deposit the information with the Kansas geological survey.
(4) Failure to deliver the information to the conservation division shall be punishable by a $500 penalty and operator license review.
(1) If a written request for confidentiality is made to the conservation division within 120 days of the spud date or the date of commencement of recompletion of the well, all information, samples, or cores filed as required in subsections (c) or (d) shall be held in confidential custody for an initial period of one year from the written request.
(2) All rights to confidentiality shall be lost if the filings are not timely, as provided in subsections (c) and (d), or if the request for confidentiality is not timely, as provided in paragraph (e)(1).
(3) Samples, cores, or information may be released before the expiration of the one-year period only upon written approval of the operator.
(4) If a request for an extension is made at least 30 days before the expiration of the initial one-year period, the period of confidentiality may be extended for one additional year.
(f) Each wire line service company shall furnish to the conservation division, on a form prescribed by the commission, a list of all logging services performed on each hole serviced in the state of Kansas each month by the twentieth day of the month following the month in which the services were performed. Failure to submit or timely submit the list shall be punishable by a $250 penalty.


Kan. Admin. Regs. § 82-3-107
Authorized by K.S.A. 55-152 and 55-164; implementing K.S.A. 55-604 and 55-704; effective, T-83-44, Dec. 8, 1982; effective May 1, 1983; amended May 1, 1984; amended May 1, 1987; amended May 1, 1988; amended May 8, 1989; amended April 23, 1990; amended June 6, 1994; amended Oct. 24, 2008.

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