Kan. Admin. Regs. § 91-16-7 - Form of decision of state board

Current through Register Vol. 40, No. 39, September 30, 2021

The decision of the state board described in rule 91-16-6 may be in the following form:





Kansas State Education Building

120 East Tenth Street, Topeka, Kansas 66612

Before the State Board of Education of Kansas

_____, Appellant,


No. _____,

__________ Local Board

Decision of the State Board

Now, on this _____ day of _____, 19_____,

the appeal of _____,

(Name of Appellant) _____,


Kansas, comes on for hearing before the State Board of Education of Kansas. The appellant appears in person and by his legal counsel. Also appears _____, the duly authorized representative of the _____,

(Governing Body) of _____, of _____,

(District or Vocational Education School)

(City) _____, Kansas, and by his legal counsel.


Also appears

There are no other appearances.

Thereupon, the state board examines the written statements of the appellant, of the local board and of other interested parties; thereupon, it hears the statements, evidence and presentations, and examines submitted documents, of said parties.

Thereupon, after diligent inquiry and being fully advised in the premises the state board finds that the application of the appellant should be, should not be, approved (strike inapplicable portion).

It is, therefore, by the State Board of Education of Kansas ordered that the application of appellant be, and the same is hereby approved, disapproved (strike inapplicable portion).

It is by the state board further ordered that the

____________________ of ____________________,

(Governing Body) (School District) __________, __________,

(City) (County) Kansas, be, and it is hereby directed to pay, not to pay, (strike inapplicable portion) the out-district tuition claim of appellant in the amount of $_____; and that the

_____, of the _____,

(Governing Body)

(Vocational Education School) of _____,

(City) _____, Kansas, be, and it is hereby

(County) directed to admit, not to admit, (strike inapplicable portion) the appellant to the following course(s) or program:

(Strike inapplicable portion).

This order is made, entered and certified at Topeka, Kansas, on the date first above written, and is final and conclusive.

_____ (Seal)

Commissioner of Education of Kansas


Kan. Admin. Regs. § 91-16-7
Authorized by K.S.A. 72-4418; effective, E-70-11, Dec. 22, 1969; effective Jan. 1, 1971; amended, E-71-17, April 5, 1971; amended Jan. 1, 1972; amended May 1, 1979.

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