101 KAR 2:150 - State Safety Program

RELATES TO: KRS 18A.030(2)(l), 18A.110(7)(i), 18A.155

NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 18A.110(7)(i) requires the Secretary of Personnel to promulgate administrative regulations, for the development, operation and enforcement of programs to improve work safety. This administrative regulation establishes the state safety program.

Section 1. Establishment of State Safety Program.
(1) A state safety program shall be established and administered through the Personnel Cabinet, and headed by a state safety coordinator.
(2) An appointing authority shall designate an agency safety representative for each site location.
(3) The state safety program shall comply with the occupational health and safety requirements established in KRS Chapter 338 and the administrative regulations promulgated by the Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Program in 803 KAR Chapter 2.
Section 2. Duties of Agency Safety Representative.
(1) Each agency safety representative shall:
(a) Implement and supervise a safety program;
(b) Attend safety meetings sponsored by the Personnel Cabinet;
(c) Conduct safety meetings and training sessions for agency employees;
(d) Document preventive safety measures; and
(e) Promote safety of employees.
(2) The agency safety representative may establish an agency safety committee, to meet on a regular basis for:
(a) Review of causes of accidents;
(b) Inspection of facilities;
(c) Development of hazard abatement methods; and
(d) Assessment of safety training needs.
Section 3. Duties of Supervisors.
(1) A supervisor shall:
(a) Review the safety program with new employees;
(b) Enforce general safety regulations and procedures;
(c) Maintain safe working conditions; and
(d) Require employees to follow safety regulations and procedures.
(2) A supervisor or designee shall investigate each accident and shall forward a report on the findings to the state safety coordinator in the Personnel Cabinet.
(3) A supervisor shall require an employee to attend a regular safety meeting and training session at a time to be determined in coordination with the agency safety representative.


101 KAR 2:150
15 Ky.R. 888; eff. 10-12-88; 16 Ky.R. 1213; eff. 2-3-90; 26 Ky.R. 105; 576; eff. 8-25-99; Crt eff. 2-13-2020.

STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 18A.030(2)(i), 18A.110(7)(i), 18A.155

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