11 KAR 5:130 - Student application

RELATES TO: KRS 164.744(2), 164.753(4), 164.7535, 164.780, 164.785

NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 164.748(4) requires KHEAA to promulgate administrative regulations pertaining to the awarding of grants, scholarships, and honorary scholarships as provided in KRS 164.740 to 164.7891. This administrative regulation establishes the application procedures for a student to follow to apply for and establish financial need for KHEAA grant programs.

Section 1.
(1) In order to receive a KHEAA grant, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) set forth in 11 KAR 4:080, Section 1(1), shall be completed and submitted in accordance with the instructions provided on the FAFSA.
(2) An applicant shall indicate the choices of educational institutions on the application to be considered for the KHEAA grant. All educational institutions listed on the FAFSA shall be used in the determination of eligibility for a KHEAA grant program award.
(3) A person who submits a completed FAFSA shall not be eligible for a KHEAA grant for an academic year in which the person:
(a) Did not select on the application an educational institution that participates in a KHEAA grant program;
(b) Is not:
1. A United States citizen or eligible noncitizen; and
2. A resident of Kentucky;
(c) Is a graduate student, except that a student enrolled in a program of study designated as an equivalent undergraduate program of study by the Council on Postsecondary Education shall not be ineligible for a CAP grant by reason of this paragraph; or
(d) Will obtain a first baccalaureate degree before July 1 of the academic year for which he is seeking financial assistance.
Section 2. Change of Application Data. The applicant shall change or correct FAFSA data using the Student Aid Report (SAR), which is provided to the applicant by the United States Department of Education, and submit the change or correction according to the instructions on the SAR.


11 KAR 5:130
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STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 164.746(6), 164.748(4), 164.7535

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