201 KAR 46:020 - Fees

RELATES TO: KRS 311B.050, 311B.100(2), 311B.110, 311B.120, 311B.130, 311B.140, 311B.180, 311B.190

NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 311B.010 and 311B.050 require the Board of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy to promulgate administrative regulations to regulate medical imaging, radiation therapy, and related occupations. KRS 311B.120 requires the board to promulgate administrative regulations to establish fees and penalties. This administrative regulation establishes fees for the licensure of an advanced imaging professional, a medical imaging technologist, a radiographer, a radiation therapist, a nuclear medicine technologist, and a limited x-ray machine operator.

Section 1. Initial Application and License Fee. A non-refundable initial application and license fee shall be $100.
Section 2. Renewal License Fee. A non-refundable renewal fee shall be fifty (50) dollars per year.
Section 3. Temporary Application and License Fee. A non-refundable fee for a temporary license shall be $100.
Section 4. Provisional Training License Fee. A non-refundable fee for a provisional training license for a radiation therapist and a nuclear medicine technologist shall be fifty (50) dollars per twenty-four (24) month training period.
Section 5. Temporary Limited X-ray Machine Operator Application and License Fee. A non-refundable, non-transferrable fee for a license shall be $100.
Section 6. Duplicate License Fee. A non-refundable fee for a duplicate license shall be twenty (20) dollars.
Section 7. Reinstatement Fee. A reinstatement fee shall be $100. Reinstatement fee shall be assessed starting on day six (6) following the expiration date of license.
Section 8. Name Change Fee. A non-refundable fee for a new printed license with a name change shall be twenty (20) dollars.
Section 9. Limited X-ray Machine Operator Examination Qualification Fee. A non-refundable fee for the qualification to register for the limited x-ray machine operator examination shall be twenty-five (25) dollars.
Section 10. Insufficient Funds Fee. A fee for returned check or denied online banking (ACH) payment shall be fifty (50) dollars.
Section 11. Written Verification of Qualifications Fee. The fee for completion of written verification documents shall be twenty-five (25) dollars per document.
Section 12. Continuing Education Approval Fee.
(1) Individual continuing education program fee shall be ten (10) dollars.
(2) Annual sponsoring institution fee shall be $100.


201 KAR 46:020
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STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 311B.010, 311B.050, 311B.120

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