Sec. 401 KAR 6:211 - [Effective until 7/11/2026]Repeal of 401 KAR 6:200

ยง 401 KAR 6:211. [Effective until 7/11/2026]Repeal of 401 KAR 6:200

RELATES TO: KRS 223.170, 223.180, 223.190, 223.210, 224.10-110

NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 224.10-110 authorizes the Secretary of the Cabinet to promulgate administrative regulations for the regulation and control of the purification of water for public and semipublic use. This administrative regulation is being repealed because the materials incorporated by reference are no longer relevant, and the administrative regulation does not comply with KRS 13A.224 and 13A.2251.

Section 1. 401 KAR 6:200. Documents incorporated by reference relative to public and semipublic water supplies and swimming pools, is hereby repealed.

(46 Ky.R.818; eff. 7/11/2019.)

STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 223.200, 224.10-110

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