601 KAR 14:030 - Bicycle and bikeway program

RELATES TO: KRS 61.820, 61.826, 174.120, 174.125

NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 174.120 requires the Transportation Cabinet to develop and coordinate a bikeway program in assistance and cooperation with local governments and other agencies. KRS 174.125 establishes the Kentucky Bicycle and Bikeway Commission (KBBC) within the Transportation Cabinet to serve as an advisor to the secretary in matters related to the interests of the bikeway program and the bicycling public. This administrative regulation implements the procedures related to KRS 174.120 and 174.125.

Section 1. Quarterly Meetings.
(1) KBBC shall conduct at least four (4) quarterly meetings each year at a time and place agreed upon by the chairman and the commission members. Meetings shall be conducted as established in KRS 61.820 and 61.826.
(2) The secretary shall call at least one (1) yearly meeting with KBBC in order to review issues related to the bikeway program.
(3) A schedule of the quarterly meetings including the time and place of meetings for the coming year shall be set by the commission pursuant to paragraph (a) of this subsection at its last meeting of the calendar year and forwarded to the secretary of the Transportation Cabinet.
(a) The schedule for meetings shall be altered upon motion approval by a quorum of the commission.
(b) The altered meeting schedule shall be forwarded to the secretary.
(a) Notice of regular quarterly meetings of the commission shall be given to each member of the commission and the secretary of the Transportation Cabinet in writing by either regular or electronic mail not less than seven (7) days prior to the meeting.
(b) The notice shall contain a date, time, place, and agenda for the meeting.
(6) Minutes of all meetings shall be kept by the commission, and a copy of the minutes shall be forwarded to the secretary within ten (10) days of the meeting.
Section 2. Special Meetings. A special meeting may be called as designated by the commission or the secretary and shall require three (3) days notice to all parties.
Section 3. Grant Applications.
(1) A completed grant application for the Paula Nye Memorial Educational Grant for funds received from sales of the "Share the Road" license plate shall be reviewed by the commission.
(2) A copy of the selected grant applications and a memorandum supporting the commission's decision in selecting the applications shall be sent to the secretary within thirty (30) days of the closing date of receipt for all applications.
(3) The secretary shall approve or deny the commission's decision within thirty (30) days of his or her receipt of the applications and the memorandum.
(4) The secretary's failure to approve or deny the commission's decision within thirty (30) days of receipt of the applications and memorandum shall be deemed the same as approval.
Section 4. Audit of Funds.
(1) Funds obtained by the commission through monetary donations for purchase of the "Share the Road" license plate shall be subject to an audit as established in KRS 186.164 and 601 KAR 9:130.
(2) A copy of the findings of the audit shall be forwarded to the Secretary of Transportation.
(3) The audit shall be reviewed and approved or denied by the Office of Audits within the Transportation Cabinet.


601 KAR 14:030
37 Ky.R. 968; 11-5-2010; Crt eff. 10-8-2018; Crt eff. 3-11-2019.


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