1. PART I - General Provisions (Sec. I-101 to Sec. I-125)
  2. PART II - The Control of Diseases (Sec. II-101 to Sec. II-907)
  3. PART III - The Control of Rabies and Other Zoonotic Diseases (Sec. III-101 to Sec. III-303)
  4. PART IV - Lead Poisoning Control (Sec. IV-101 to Sec. IV-111)
  5. PART V - Disease Vector Control (Sec. V-101 to Sec. V-503)
  6. PART VI - Manufacturing, Processing, Packing and Holding of Food, Drugs and Cosmetics (Sec. VI-101 to Sec. VI-1711)
  7. PART VII - Dairy Products Regulations (Sec. VII-101 to Sec. VII-2907)
  8. PART IX - Marine and Fresh Water Animal Food Products (Sec. IX-101 to Sec. IX-347)
  9. PART X - Game Bird and Small Animal Slaughter and Processing (Sec. X-101 to Sec. X-307)
  10. PART XI - Animals and Animal Diseases; Rendering of Animals (Sec. XI-101 to Sec. XI-307)
  11. PART XII - Water Supplies (Sec. XII-101 to Sec. XII-1911)
  12. PART XIII - Sewage Disposal (Sec. XIII-101 to Sec. XIII-1501)
  13. PART XIV - Plumbing (Sec. XIV-101 to Sec. XIV-1813)
  14. PART XV - Hotels, Lodging Houses, Boarding Houses (Sec. XV-101 to Sec. XV-133)
  15. PART XVI - Campsites (Sec. XVI-101 to Sec. XVI-1309)
  16. PART XVII - Public Buildings, Schools, and Other Institutions (Sec. XVII-101 to Sec. XVII-501)
  17. PART XVIII - Jails, Prisons and Other Institutions of Detention or Incarceration (Sec. XVIII-101 to Sec. XVIII-301)
  18. PART XIX - Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Renal Dialysis Centers (Sec. XIX-101 to Sec. XIX-501)
  19. PART XX - Nursing Homes (Sec. XX-101 to Sec. XX-123)
  20. PART XXI - Day Care Centers and Residential Facilities (Sec. XXI-101 to Sec. XXI-701)
  21. PART XXIII - Retail Food Establishments (Sec. XXIII-101 to Sec. XXIII-4739)
  22. PART XXIV - Swimming Pools and Natural or Semi-Artificial Swimming or Bathing Places (Sec. XXIV-101 to Sec. XXIV-909)
  23. PART XXV - Mass Gatherings (Sec. XXV-101 to Sec. XXV-507)
  24. PART XXVI - Burial, Transportation, Disinterment or Other Disposition of Dead Human Bodies (Sec. XXVI-101 to Sec. XXVI-109)
  25. PART XXVII - Management of Refuse, Infectious Waste, Medical Waste, and Potentially Infectious Biomedical Waste (Sec. XXVII-101 to Sec. XXVII-1701)
  26. PART XXVIII - Commercial Body Art (Sec. XXVIII-101 to Sec. XXVIII-701)

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