1. PART I - Administration (Sec. I-101 to Sec. I-205)
  2. PART III - Agricultural Finance (Sec. III-101 to Sec. III-509)
  3. PART V - Advertising, Marketing and Processing (Sec. V-101 to Sec. V-3101)
  4. PART VII - Dealers in Farm Products (Sec. VII-101 to Sec. VII-109)
  5. PART IX - Brands, Grades and Inspections-Reserved
  6. PART XI - Fertilizers (Sec. XI-101 to Sec. XI-133)
  7. PART XIII - Seeds (Sec. XIII-101 to Sec. XIII-1343)
  8. PART XV - Plant Protection and Quarantine (Sec. XV-101 to Sec. XV-725)
  9. PART XVII - Feed (Sec. XVII-101 to Sec. XVII-169)
  10. PART XIX - Agriculture Liming Materials (Sec. XIX-101 to Sec. XIX-101)
  11. PART XXI - Animals and Animal Health (Sec. XXI-101 to Sec. XXI-2305)
  12. PART XXIII - Pesticides (Sec. XXIII-101 to Sec. XXIII-3501)
  13. PART XXV - Structural Pest Control (Sec. XXV-101 to Sec. XXV-167)
  14. PART XXVII - Agricultural Commodity Dealer and Warehouse (Sec. XXVII-101 to Sec. XXVII-217)
  15. PART XXIX - Horticulture Commission (Sec. XXIX-101 to Sec. XXIX-123)
  16. PART XXXI - Milk, Milk Products and Substitutions (Sec. XXXI-101 to Sec. XXXI-523)
  17. PART XXXIII - Meat and Poultry Inspections (Sec. XXXIII-101 to Sec. XXXIII-141)
  18. PART XXXV - Agro-Consumer Services (Sec. XXXV-101 to Sec. XXXV-715)
  19. PART XXXVI - Agricultural Ethanol Production (Sec. XXXVI-101 to Sec. XXXVI-123)
  20. PART XXXVII - Security Devices (Sec. XXXVII-101 to Sec. XXXVII-119)
  21. PART XXXIX - Forestry (Sec. XXXIX-101 to Sec. XXXIX-1507)
  22. PART XLI - Soil and Water Conservation (Sec. XLI-101 to Sec. XLI-307)
  23. PART XLIII - Organic Farming (Sec. XLIII-101 to Sec. XLIII-103)
  24. PART XLV - Agritourism (Sec. XLV-101 to Sec. XLV-105)
  25. PART XLVII - Railroad Crossings - Agrilcultural and Private Rural Residence (Sec. XLVII-101 to Sec. XLVII-111)
  26. PART XLIX - Medical Marijuana (Sec. XLIX-101 to Sec. XLIX-3101)

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