01-026 C.M.R. ch. 28, § 1 - Requesting Notification About Outdoor Pesticide Applications

Current through 2022-14, April 6, 2022

The purpose of the following notification requirement is to enable individuals an opportunity to obtain information regarding outdoor pesticide application activities in their vicinity.

A. Requests for Notification; How Made

The owner, lessee or other legal occupant of a sensitive area may make a request to be notified about any outdoor pesticide application(s) which may occur within 500 feet of that sensitive areaand any aerial application(s) which may occur within 1,000 feet of the sensitive area.

1. The request may be made in any fashion, so long as it is effective in informing the person receiving the request of the name, address, telephone number, and interest in receiving notification of the person making the request.
2. The request for notification should be made to the person responsible for management of the land on which the pesticide application will take place. If the person making the request for notification is uncertain as to the identity of the person to whom the request should be made, he/she may make the request for notification to the person who owns the land involved, as such ownership is ascertainable from the tax records of the municipality. That landowner shall then be responsible for assuring compliance with provisions of this section.
B. Procedure of Notification

Once a request for notification has been made as provided in Section 1(A), the person receiving the request shall cause notification to be given as follows:

1. General notification of intent to apply pesticides out-of-doors shall be given to the person making the request for notification. Such general notification may be given in any fashion, provided that it is effective in informing the person receiving the notice of the following:
a. the approximate date(s) when pesticide(s) may be applied;
b. the pesticide(s) which may be applied;
c. in general terms, the manner of application; and
d. the name, address and telephone number of a person responsible for the pesticide application from whom additional information may be obtained.
e. If requested, the person responsible for managing the land shall make reasonable efforts to supply a copy of the MSDS(s) and/or the pesticide label(s). However such requests for additional information will not delay nor prohibit the intended pesticide application.

Where feasible, such general notification shall be given within one week after the request for notification is received and at least one day before any pesticide application is to occur. Such notification may cover outdoor pesticide applications which are planned over a period of up to one growing season.

2. If, following receipt of the general notification as provided by Section 1(B)(1) above, the person seeking notification believes there is a need for additional or updated information regarding impending pesticide application activities, he/she may make a further request for additional information from the person identified in the general notification. This request for additional information must specify the type of information needed, including, for example, more specific information regarding the date or dates on which pesticides will be applied when known. The person responsible for the notification shall make reasonable efforts to comply with such request for additional information.
3. If any person is dissatisfied with the efforts made by any other person at complying with these notification provisions, a complaint may be filed with the Board. The Board shall then make efforts to attempt to reach a reasonable and fair resolution between the parties.


01-026 C.M.R. ch. 28, § 1

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