01-026 C.M.R. ch. 28, § 3 - Public Notice and Posting Requirements for Certain PesticideApplications

Current through 2022-14, April 6, 2022

A. Sidewalks and Trails

Public notice must be provided consistent with Board policy for the outdoor commercial application of pesticides within category 6B to sidewalks and trails.

B. Posting
1. Categories Requiring Posting
a. 3A (outdoor ornamentals)
b. 3B (turf)
c. 6B (industrial/commercial/municipal vegetation management), except applications to sidewalks,trails, railroadsidings, and power substations
d. 7A (general pest control)
e. 7E (biting fly & other arthropod vectors)
2. Posting Requirements

Areas treated under the categories listed in Section 3B(1)shall be posted in a manner and at locations designed to reasonably assure that persons entering such area will see the notice. Such notice shall be posted before application activities commence and shall remain in place at least two days following the completion of the application. The sign shall be sufficient if it meets the following minimum specifications:

a. The sign must be at least five (5) inches wide and four (4) inches high;
b. The sign must be made of rigid, weather resistant material that will last at least forty-eight (48) hours when placed outdoors;
c. The sign must be light colored (white, beige, yellow or pink) with dark, bold letters (black, blue or green);
d. The sign must bear:
i. the word CAUTION in 72 point type;
ii. the words PESTICIDE APPLICATION in 30 point type or larger;
iii. the Board designated symbol;
iv. any reentry precautions from the pesticide labeling;
v. the name of the company making the pesticide application and its telephone number;
vi. the date and time of the application; and
vii. a date and/or time to remove the sign.
C. Exemption from this section
1. The placement of marked bait stations in outdoor settings shall be exempt from this section.
2. Any person providing notice in accordance with Chapter 51 - Notice of Aerial Pesticide Applications, Section III. - Ornamental Plant Applications, shall be exempt from this section.


01-026 C.M.R. ch. 28, § 3

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