01-026 C.M.R. ch. 50, § 1 - Records

Current through 2022-14, April 6, 2022

A. Pesticide Application Records
I. Commercial agricultural producers and commercial applicators shall maintain pesticide application records consistent with paragraph II. below for a period of two years from the date of application. Such records shall be kept current by recording all the required information on the same day the application is performed. These records shall be maintained at the primary place of business and available for inspection by representatives of the Board at reasonable times, upon request.
II. Pesticide application records shall include, at a minimum:
a. Site information including town and location, crop or site treated, target organism, customer and customer address (where applicable); and
i. for broadcast applications, size of treated area (when completed);
ii. for volumetric applications as described on the label, the volume treated;
iii. for non-broadcast applications (such as spot treatments, crack and crevice or stump treatments) a practical description of the scope or extent of the application (such as number of trees, stumps or rooms treated).
b. Application information. For each distinct site, records must include date and time of application(s), brand name of pesticide(s) applied, EPA registration number(s), active ingredient(s), restricted entry interval(s) and/or ventilation period(s) (where applicable), method of application (type of equipment), dilution agent(s) (other than water), the licensed applicator's name and certification number, the name of any noncertified applicator that made the application (where applicable), and spray contracting firm (where applicable).
c. Rate information. For each distinct site, application rate information must be maintained as follows:
i. Restricted Use Pesticides. For restricted use pesticides, applicators shall record the total amount of pesticide applied (undiluted).
ii. General Use Pesticides. For general use pesticides, applicators shall record:
(1) rate information as described in (i.) above; or
(2) the mix ratio and the total mix applied; or
(3) the mix ratio and the mix per unit area applied.
d. For outdoor applications, except those listed below, weather conditions including wind speed and direction, air temperature and sky conditions recorded such as sunny, partly cloudy, overcast, foggy or rainy. No weather condition records need be kept for outdoor applications involving:
i. pesticides placed in bait stations;
ii. pesticide-impregnated devices placed on animals, such as ear tags; or
iii. pesticides injected into trees or utility poles.
e. For TBT applications to marine vessels, applicators must also record the vessel identification and size, and the disposition of TBT wastes including chips/dust removed prior to application and empty containers.
B. Limited Use/Restricted Use Pesticide Sales Records
I. Licensed pesticide dealers shall maintain records of each sale of a restricted/limited use pesticide on their sales slips and the customer's name, and license number must be recorded on every invoice or electronic record involving that individual. Licensed pesticide dealers must also maintain records to verify that sales of restricted/limited use pesticides to unlicensed purchasers are only made where a licensed applicator is employed to supervise the use of the restricted/limited use products. These records must include the name, address, license number, issuing agency, expiration date, and categories of certification (if applicable) of each person to whom the restricted use pesticide was distributed or sold. These records are to be available for inspection by representatives of the Board at reasonable times, upon request, and are to be maintained for two calendar years from the date of sale.
II. Pesticide dealer records shall also include the signature of purchaser or his/her agent, the product name, the EPA registration number, state special local need registration (SLN) number (if applicable), the quantity and size of containers purchased, and the date of purchase.
III. Any pesticide dealer who discontinues the sales of restricted/limited use pesticides shall notify the Board in writing and shall provide the Board, upon request, with all required records including a final sales report up to the date of discontinuance.


01-026 C.M.R. ch. 50, § 1

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