163-4-7 - Renewal of Service License

163-4-7. Renewal of Service License

1. Renewal of a service license must be obtained each year, not later than the twelfth month after the license is issued. If Maine EMS and the service agree, a license may be renewed in less than a year, and the licensing fee prorated in order to shift the service's licensing anniversary.

2. A licensee shall submit an application for renewal prior to the expiration date of the license. An application will not be accepted as complete unless it includes all materials required to be evaluated for licensure. A service may apply for a renewal license for up to ninety (90) days after the date of expiration. The ninety-day period does not postpone the expiration date of the license. An air ambulance service with an expired license cannot provide emergency medical services until a renewed license has been issued. An application submitted more than 90 days after the license expiration date shall be considered an application for a new license and subject to all requirements governing new applications.

3. In order to obtain and maintain a license renewal, a service must, for each base location:

A. Apply on forms available from Maine EMS;

B. Submit a fee of $100.00;

C. Demonstrate, as required by Maine EMS, that it meets the licensure requirements called for in these Rules;

D. Scene Response and Transfer Air Ambulance Services must be fully accredited by a national or international accreditation service as recognized by the State, provided the accreditation service meets the following minimum standards:

a. Provides accreditation for no more than three consecutive years without an updated inspection and reaccreditation.

b. Has a multi-disciplinary Board of Directors representing medical transport organizations.

c. Uses trained site-surveyors with experience in medical transport at the level of accreditation and license.

d. Assures services that have identified standards deficiencies will implement corrective action or improvement plans to correct any deficiencies.

e. Has an open process that encourages and accepts comments on changes to its accreditation standards.

f. Provides transparency to the public on its standards, accreditation process, list of accredited programs, and policies and procedures.

g. Maintains insurance (General liability, Medical Professional Liability, Directors & Officers and Travel) and be able to present its current certificates of insurance to Maine EMS.

E. Scene Response Air Ambulance Services must submit on an annual basis a utilization report to Maine EMS and the Medical Direction and Practices Board (MDPB) that includes at minimum:

1. Medically related data from all flights discharged from receiving hospitals in less than 24 hours; and

2. Clinical performance data as requested by the MDPB.

(See the first section of this Chapter for historical and other information)

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