17-229 C.M.R. ch. 304, § 03 - APPLICATION OF CRITERIA

Current through 2022-14, April 6, 2022

Both the original criteria and expanded criteria will be used in the reclassification process. Maximum use of existing information and volunteered local input will be made. Limited data acquisition may be possible in special cases. Office information supplemented as necessary with field review and local input is expected to provide an adequate basis for the reclassification review. Street pattern and culture will be taken from the extensive mapping base maintained at the Augusta offices. Extensive staff and maintenance field division engineers' knowledge, expertise, and judgment will be used in the application of the criteria. The designations will be made on the basis of best total fit of all criteria as opposed to meeting or not meeting any single criterion.

After the functional classification review has determined the appropriate functional classification for each facility, the State Highway-State Aid-Town Way designation will be made as follows:

With particular reference and care to Section 53, part C of Public Laws of 1981, Chapter 492, local service facilities will be designated Town Ways, collector facilities and arterial facilities will be designated either State Aid Highways or State Highways; the functional classification and the historical criteria used for designating State Highways will be used to distinguish between State Aid and State Highway classifications.

The expanded criteria will be weighted as follows:

Land Use 1.3
A.A.D.T. 1.3
Network Configuration 1.0
Trip Length 0.9
Route Spacing 0.9

The weights assigned reflect the applicability and relative reliability of available data and the relationships between the criteria and functional use. Percentage guidelines for functional classes are not weighted as this criteria cannot be applied on an individual roadway basis.


17-229 C.M.R. ch. 304, § 03

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