18- 127 C.M.R. ch. 158 , 127-158 app C

Maine GIS Feature Metadata Recommendation 2000

The Maine GIS Feature Metadata Recommendation was presented to the GIS Technical Group in October 2000, by the GIS Technical Group feature metadata subcommittee, and was submitted to the GIS EC in December of the same year. Additional information on this initiative and other Maine GIS recommendations is available at http://apollo.ogis.state.me.us/standards/standards.asp .


The use of FM items and codes in feature attribute tables is recommended, to provide accessible readable standardized notation that describes the quality and currentness of each geospatial feature's location. Recommended FM items are FMSRC, FMSRCORG, FMPROCSS, FMUPDORG, FMUPDDAT with two optional items FMSRCDAT and FMNOTE. These items are recommended for use to record the following information about the location of a feature: the source used to identify the feature's location, the source originator, the process used to incorporate the feature, also the organization of edit and date of edit if applicable. It is recommended that the items be populated with standardized and defined FM codes. FM codes for use in these items, like the items themselves, are designed to be unique references, as short, clear and self-explanatory as possible. All have been listed, standardized, and defined so that each represents a single information type and entity. For example what is meant by the item FMSRC coded 24k, tigers90, gps, engplan, sketch, or roughsrvy, FMSRCORG coded usgs, medot, uscb, FMPROCSS coded closure, edgematch, or screendig is specific and defined. Codes are in text, all lower case and include no hyphens, punctuation or spaces. Codes for use in source originator and organization of edit are organizational acronyms that have been confirmed. Wherever possible federal agencies carry the "us" prefix and state agencies carry the postal prefix "me" for the state of origin, i.e. medot, medhs, megis. The FM subcommittee has defined this set of items and related codes with reference to elements in FGDC metadata. The FM recommendation is flexible and will function in most GIS environments independent of FGDC metadata or specific metadata tools; however, because coordination of feature attribute tables with FGDC metadata maximizes available information and minimizes attribute load, parallel or subsequent development of FGDC metadata, and use of cross references to same, is assumed and recommend


18- 127 C.M.R. ch. 158 , 127-158 app C

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