1. Direct payment of prizes. All instant prizes of $100 or less must be paid directly by instant ticket agents, and all instant and on-line ticket prizes up to $599 must be paid directly by the on-line agents. Instant ticket agents may pay instant ticket prizes up to $599. The claimant shall present the winning ticket to an agent, fill out the claimant's name and address on the back of the ticket and show identification. The agent, after examining the ticket, confirming that it has not been altered and verifying that the ticket is a valid winning ticket, shall pay the claimant directly.
2. Payment of other prizes. All other prizes must be paid from State Lottery Headquarters, either in person to the claimant, or by means of a mailed-in claim form from a claimant. The claimant shall send the winning ticket and a completed claim form according to procedures specified by the director to State Lottery Headquarters for verification. The claimant is responsible for retaining a copy of the claim for the claimant's records. The State Lottery is not responsible for tickets lost or misdelivered during the course of mailing. Upon receipt of the winning ticket and its verification as a winning ticket, the State Lottery shall send the prize to the claimant by mail.
3. Multiple winners. More than one person may claim an interest in a winning ticket. Prize payment warrants may be made out to multiple payees if each payee signs an appropriate document acknowledging the right of all other payees to a share of the winning ticket and prize and agreeing to hold the State Lottery harmless from liability.


18- 553 C.M.R. ch. 10, § 17

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