90-668 C.M.R. ch. 2, § 4 - APPLICATION FILING

1. Review for completeness

Each application received by the Commission by the application deadline must be reviewed for completeness. The completeness review must be completed by the Commission or its staff within 7 business days of the deadline for submission of the application. The Commission shall notify each applicant of the results of the completeness review in a timely fashion.

2. Standard for completeness; grounds for rejection

To be considered a complete application, the application must include all information requested in the Application and must be filed by an entity eligible to submit an application pursuant to Title 20-A section 2407, subsection 2 or 3. The Commission shall notify the applicant of the specific errors or omissions that prevent the application from being considered complete, and shall allow the applicant to file corrections of the error or omission, as long as the corrections are filed with the Commission within 5 business days after the applicant's receipt of the notice of errors or omissions. An application is considered to be filed on the date on which the corrections are filed with the commission. If the application is filed by an entity that is not eligible to apply or the application, after an opportunity to correct, does not contain all required information, the Commission shall reject the application.

3. Notice to applicants

If the application is complete, the Commission shall notify the applicant that the application has been accepted and will be reviewed in accordance with this rule.


90-668 C.M.R. ch. 2, § 4

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