Current through 2022-14, April 6, 2022

4.1 Pets or other domestic animals are not allowed in the Park. Releasing or introducing any animal in the Park is prohibited.
4.2 No person may feed, bait, or disturb any animal within the Park, with the exception that baiting of animals for trapping purposes is permitted north of Trout Brook and Wadleigh Brook in T6 R9; in T6 R10; or in T2 R9 and in T2 R10 north of the West Branch of the Penobscot River, east to Abol Stream and west to the West Branch of the Penobscot River. The use of audio, visual, electronic or any other device in any way that may disturb or harass wildlife is prohibited.
4.3 Fires or other cooking or heating devices are permitted only in designated campsites or picnic areas. At Chimney Pond and Davis Pond, open fires are prohibited and only backpack-type stoves are allowed. The removal of bark from, or the cutting or defacing of live or standing dead trees is prohibited.
4.4 No person may leave a fire without totally extinguishing it, nor discard any burning cigarettes, cigars, matches, or any other burning material within the Park. Any fire outside a designated fireplace must be reported to the nearest Park Ranger at once.
4.5 All trash, rubbish, litter, camping gear, equipment, and materials carried into the Park must be carried out of the Park. No trash, rubbish, or litter shall be deposited in any type of vaulted or un-vaulted toilet. All unattended food, garbage, and scented items shall be securely stowed in a vehicle, suspended on a bear hang, or enclosed in a bear-proof container.
4.6 Where toilets are not available, human waste must be disposed of at least 200' from water or trail. Below treeline, human waste must be buried or carried out. Above treeline, the digging of catholes is prohibited, and human waste must be carried out or left on the surface of the soul or a rock.
4.7 Use of any soap or detergent, or the disposal of food scraps within 200' of any waters is prohibited.
4.8 No person may create a disturbance that impairs the enjoyment of the Park by others. Campground quiet hours are posted and enforced. The use of electronic devices in any way that impairs the enjoyment of the Park by others is prohibited.
4.9 Chainsaws, generators, and other power equipment may not be operated within the Park.
4.10 Collection or removal of any cultural object from the Park is prohibited. No person may deface, paint, damage, mutilate, or vandalize any cultural object or any structure or sign within the Park. Possession of paint or marking materials, or tampering with, altering, or removing any sign, marker, or structure, is prohibited. Driving nails or permanently installing any object is prohibited. The use of metal detectors or similar devices is prohibited.
4.11 The removal from, or introduction of, natural objects, materials, plants or animals to the Park is prohibited, with the exceptions that fish and other wildlife may be collected for personal use in authorized areas of the Park as defined in 3.1, 3.2, and 4.2, above and that wild edible or medicinal plants and mushrooms may be collected for personal use only. Gathering of wild edible or medicinal plants and mushrooms for sale or commercial purposes is prohibited.
4.12 Research studies and Commercial Media projects within the Park require a special use permit issued by the Director. Commercial use activities within the Park require a commercial use permit issued by the Director.


94-293 C.M.R. ch. 1, § 4

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