99-639 C.M.R. ch. 101, § 3 - REQUIRED FILING OF DATA

Current through 2022-14, April 6, 2022

In order to achieve the purpose, set forth in § 1, the following is required:

A. Communications Service Provider. The authority shall collect data annually from communications service providers and any wireless provider providers that own or operate advanced communications technology infrastructure in the State data concerning infrastructure deployment for the purpose of developing mapping information to assist the authority in implementing the provisions of section 9202- A: pricing data for advertised retail pricing for broadband services offered in the State and revenue data for the purpose of assessing communications service providers subject to section 9211. The authority shall permit providers that have provided data to the authority at a level of detail that the authority has determined acceptable to continue to provide the data in the same format. For mapping data, the authority, whenever possible, shall use data formats consistent with data formats used for mapping at the federal level.
1. Pricing data for advertised retail pricing for broadband services offered in the State:
a. Narrative description of any affordability option and the relevant qualifying criteria and the number of subscribers who have taken advantage of this provision within the prior year;
b. Narrative description of range of pricing and service options available in the State;
c. The cost and speeds of the most subscribed to standalone internet offering;
d. The cost, speeds, and other components of the most subscribed to bundle or package that includes internet service;
e. Cost range for 100mbps/100mpbs or faster service; and
f. Revenue data for the purpose of assessing communications service providers subject to § 7.
2. Data to help the authority determine extent of broadband service in Maine:
a. Address level data that includes the technology and maximum speeds available; or
b. A map that depicts the extent of broadband service provided by the provider and delineates the availability of different service speeds, including areas where 25mbps/3mbps is available; where 10mbps upload is available; and anywhere where 100mbps/100mbps or faster is available; or
c. Other information that shows the extent of service lines, the type of broadband service provided and actual delivered maximum service speeds and latency.
3. If a communications service provider does not provide ConnectMaine with dataset forth in §3 within three months of the annual request in the format ConnectMaine requested, that provider will not be eligible for ConnectMaine funding for the following round of grants, or until the data is provided, whichever comes first, absent an affirmative vote by the board prior to opening a grant round that a provider is eligible.
4. Reports containing dataset forth in §3 for the previous year are due within one month of filing the required Federal Communications 477 data or its successor. Filings shall be made via a secure electronic transmission.
5. Additional Information. The Authority may request and communications service providers may voluntarily provide additional information to determine availability of broadband service in specific geographic locations to assist in evaluating or developing infrastructure grant proposals. Any information collected pursuant to this subsection shall be held as confidential by the Authority and may be used for only the purposes set forth in this subsection.


99-639 C.M.R. ch. 101, § 3

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