Summary: This Chapter defines specialized terms used in the Board's rules and in statute.

As used in the Board's rules, unless the context otherwise indicates, the following terms have the following meanings:

1.1 Affidavit. "Affidavit" means a form provided by the Board to document an applicant's licensed practical experience and/or required training.
1.2 ASME. "ASME" means American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
1.3 Board. "Board" means the Maine Fuel Board, including inspectors and administrative staff acting on behalf of the Board.
1.4 Board-approved training program. "Board-approved training program" means a training program approved by the Board as qualified to prepare candidates to qualify for the examination.
1.5 Certificate of Supervision. A form provided by the Board that is signed by a licensee's supervising master or supervising propane and natural gas technician to affirm responsibility as set forth in Section 1.17 or 1.18.
1.6 CETP. "CETP" means the National Propane Gas Association's Certified Employee Training Program.
1.7 Cleaning of oil, solid fuel or gas equipment. "Cleaning of oil, solid fuel or gas equipment" means the process of: brushing and vacuuming a heating appliance heat exchanger, warm air furnace, boiler (steam or hot water) flue passages and connectors; lubricating motors and bearings; replacing nozzles, belts, filters, and electrodes; performing combustion efficiency testing; testing; safety controls; and performing any other procedure for cleaning and annual maintenance as described in the manufacturer's instructions.
1.8 Combination unit. "Combination unit" means a heating appliance that is listed for the use of more than one fuel in the same vessel.
1.9 Combustion efficiency test. "Combustion efficiency test" means a test conducted to determine efficiency of combustion by measuring the composition and temperature of flue gases as they leave the appliance.
1.10 ENT flexible conduit. "ENT flexible conduit" means electrical non-metallic tubing.
1.11 Equipment installations. "Equipment installations" means the installation, alteration or repair of oil, solid fuel, propane or natural gas burning equipment and chimneys, or pellet-fired central heating appliances, including accessory equipment as relating only to the safety of the installation. Associated electrical equipment must be wired in compliance with the rules of the Electricians' Examining Board established in Title 5, section12004-A, subsection 13.
1.12 GPH. ""GPH" means gallons per hour.
1.13 License authority. "License authority" means the scope of permission granted to service and install various types of oil and solid fuel burning and propane and natural gas equipment.
1.14 Listed. "Listed" means the determination that a piece of equipment or material meets appropriate standards for specific purposes established by a nationally-recognized testing agency.
1.15 Licensed practical experience. "Licensed practical experience" means work performed on oil, solid fuel, propane or natural gas burning equipment while holding a valid license issued by the Board. For purposes of calculating hours, one year of licensed practical experience means an individual has worked at least 2,000 hours within a 12-month period. Six months of licensed practical experience means an individual has worked at least 1,000 hours within a 6-month period.
1.16 Self-service dispenser. "Self-service dispenser" means a user-operated device or system designed to measure and transfer volumes of propane or natural gas into permanently mounted fuel containers on vehicles, which dispenser meets the requirements set forth in 32 M.R.S. §18142.
1.17 Supervising master. "Supervising master" means a licensed master oil burner and/or solid fuel technician who affirms full and complete responsibility for the workmanship and training required of the journeyman or apprentice.
1.18 Supervising propane and natural gas technician. "Supervising propane and natural gas technician" means a licensed propane and natural gas technician who affirms supervisory responsibility of the helper's work workmanship and training required of the helper.
1.19 Supervision. "Supervision" means the direction and oversight of the work and performance of a licensed apprentice, journeyman or helper as clarified below:
1.19.1 Direct Supervision: Supervision which requires that the master, journeyman or propane and natural gas technician be on site with the supervisee at all times.
1.19.2 Indirect Supervision: Supervision which does not require the master, journeyman or propane and natural gas technician to be on site with the supervisee at all times.


9/27/2014- filing 2014- 234
9/16/2023 - filing 2023-157


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